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Friday, March 25, 2016

Myanmar Itinerary

Myanmar Travel Tips

Check your watch. Myanmar time is 1 hour and 30 minutes late compared to Singapore. 

March 12 Yangon, Myanmar
Changi Airport Terminal 1 to Yangon International Airport
Jetstar 3K581 Flight time: 9:10 Am - 10:40 Am 
Flight Travel time: 3 hours

Rented a taxi referred by a friend includes pick up from the airport, sightseeing and to the bus station. Taxi Fee: 20,000 kyat-25,000 Kyat

Morning Sightseeing:
Kandawgyi Park 45 minutes away from the airport. 
How to get there: Take a taxi from downtown Yangon 
Open hours: 4 am – 10 pm daily 
Entrance fee:  3,000 Kyat (excludes Boardwalk fee)

Brunch in Kandawgyi Park: 
Hinthada Mon Hin Kha
Mandalay Meeshay
Watermelon Shake
Apple Shake

Early Dinner in People's Park ( Address: G-1 Myanmar Cultural Valley, U Wisara Road,Dagon Tsp,Ynagon)
Fried Rice with dried fish, Fried Rice mixedwith corn and chicken and Shan Style Noodles
Spent: 18,000 kyat

Sunset in Shwedagon Pagoda 
How to get there: From downtown, take a taxi to the Pagoda 
Open hours: 4 am – 10 pm daily (but closed on certain holidays, check website for details) 
Entrance Fee: 8,000 kyat

Before 6 pm went straight to the bus station to catch our Night Bus to Bagan.
Aung Mingalar Bus Station 
Thudhamma Road, North Okkalarpa Township, Yangon, Myanmar. It's 13 miles (50 minutes by car) from downtown and 5 miles (30 minutes by car) from the airport. 

Booked Online
Aung Mingalar Bus Station to Bagan Shwe Pyi High Way Bus Terminal 
JJ Express Night Schedule: (Last trip) 20:00-5:30
Bus Fare: 25 usd / 30 sgd per pax

Check in Shwe Nadi Guest House
1 day stay 25 Sgd / 22,000 Kyat 
Pay upon arrival booked thru

Bus Arrival Time: 0530 in Bagan
Taxi to main town Nyaung U, catch the Sunrise and transfer to Shwe Nadi Guest House. 
All routes Taxi Fare: 30,000 Kyat 

Bagan Compulsory Tourist Entrance Fee: 25,000 Kyat
Breakfast and Rest in Guesthouse
Sunset View in Pagoda

Horse Car  
Whole Day Tour Price: 25,000 kyat - 30,000 kyat

Night Bus from Bagan to Ngaung Shwe-Inle Lake
Free Night Bus pick-up transfer from Guesthouse to Bus Station

Booked Online
Bagan Shwe Pyi High Way Bus Terminal to May Gate
Bagan Min Thar Night Schedule: (Last trip) 20:30-04:00 
Bus Fare: 25 usd / 30 sgd per pax

Arrived 06:00 AM
Inle Lake Compulsory Tourist Entrance Fee: 12,500 Kyat/ 10 USD/ 10 EURO

Boat Tour: 25,000 Kyat
Sightseeing: Sunrise, Pagoda, Traditional Fisherman

Body Scrub and Shampoo in Amaradavi Day Spa: 30,000 kyat 

Night Bus from Nyaung Shwe to Yangon
Booked in Facebook (Pay with the Driver)
JJ Bus Address : A5/6, Mawlamyine Street , Aungmingalar Highway Bus Station.
Contact numbers : +95 1 637377 , +95 9 73123571 , +95 9 73123572 , + 95 9 73123573 , +95 9 73123574

Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) to Yangon
JJ Epxress Night Schedule: (Last trip)
18:30-6:00 am
Bus Fare: 25,000 Kyat

6am till 4pm Sightseeing

Rented the same taxi which was referred by a friend includes sightseeing and transfer to the airport. Whole day Taxi Fee: 30,000 Kyat
Myanmar Breakfast
Shwe Ei Mok Hin Har (Rice Noodle Soup with Fish)
Shwe Taung Khout Swel (Noodle Soup with Coconut Cream)
Shwe Taung Style

Bike Tour inside Union National Races Village
Entrance fee: 4,000 kyat

Goodies Shopping in Hypermarket and bought some Souvenirs at Bogyoke Aung San Market.  Early Dinner of Fried Eel, Steamed Fish and Coffee Frapuccino.

Drive to the airport by 5 pm
Yangon International Airport to Changi Airport Terminal 1
Jetstar 3K584 Flight time: 7:20 pm - 11:55 pm
Flight Travel time: 3 hours 

Myanmar Phrases
cè-zù tin-ba-deh - Thank you
cè-zù tin-mari (Ji Sew Teh Mari) - Thank you very much
Min-ga-la-ba - Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening

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