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Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer Vacation Checklist

Summer Essentials

I have here a list of things to bring on a summer vacation. I always tend to forget things when my friends suddenly decided to go to the beach on a last minute basis. I've learned my lesson the hard way, going home with wet clothes while inside an airconditioned vehicle for 3 hours is very uncomfortable. To be prepared I have now a separate bag big enough fit my summer essentials in that way I'm always ready to go. So here's a  few things to keep in mind which comes useful on a beach activity. 

1. Sunscreen
During my college days I don't even thought about bringing a sunscreen or sunblock with me. Now I'm paying the price for ignoring it. Frequent exposures to the sun can cause premature wrinkles and aging. Now that I believed the essence of its existence I have obliged myself to never leave the house without a sun protection lotion, especially when I'm going to the beach. 

2. Slippers/ Flip-flops
Wear slippers. For goodness sake be kind to your sneakers or sandals and just give them a break. Exposing them to sand and water is not advisable for the material they're made of. Besides you're in the beach Iet loose those tired feet of yours and give them some fresh air. 

3. Hat / Cap
Aside from putting on sun protection lotion its also a good idea to bring a hat with you. It's not only great thing for added protection from the sun but also a good accessory to complete your summer look. It keeps you looking cool and keeps you from having a bad hair day. 

4. Sunglasses
This is something I can't leave without when I'm heading to the beach. It's a must for everyone, it does not only protect you from the stinging rays of the sun but totally enhances the summer feeling. It adds confidence for the ladies and a great safety weapon for guys to watch bikini bottoms. 

5. Sarong / Big Scarf
A piece of cloth that saves you from any wardrobe malfuntion, keeps you dry and comfortable. It also serves as a mat when you want to lay down for your sun bathing. At the same time you can wear it on your head to keep your hair in place, not really recommended as you will like medussa is some way, however wearing it as a dress for girls will make you look like a summer goddess. 

6. Waterproof Bag / Ziplock Bag
Most beach goers doesn't really care about this yet it really comes in handy when you're going for water sports activity. It keeps your things safe and dry. 

7. Camera with waterproof cover
Make sure to have a camera with you when you're going to the beach, no matter where you take your picture everything will look perfect. Having the beach as the background wont get you wrong. 

Even if my camera and phone is not waterproof I would still bring them along with me in the beach. I would placed mine in a waterproof phone cover and my camera inside my waterproof bag. 

8. Beach Song Playlist
Make a playlist of your favorite beach songs I like to include reggae songs in my list, add in some Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz songs. A tinge of classic music too like Beatles popular song "Here comes the sun" and The Beach Boys "Wouldn't be nice." I like my playlist to sound fun and relaxing especially in the morning. 

In the afternoon I might throw in some house  music with some watermelon shake by my side and at night maybe some old RnB or the latest upbeat dance music. I like old,happy and familiar songs when I'm in the beach sometimes, it brings back fun memories in my mind.  

Whatever songs you have in mind save it. Keep your playlist interesting so it would spice up your summer experience. 

9. Mini Speaker
Now that you have a playlist might as well bring along a mini speaker. It would totally enhance the music experience. 

10. Googles and Snorkel
This item is optional but if you're mindful of personal hygiene then bring along your own snorkel. Sometimes in Island Hopping Tours they provide everything for the snorkelling activity. However, having a pair of fitted googles and your own snorkel is not a bad idea. 

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