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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Canada Trip

Canada Tour: Niagara Falls to Kingston to Ottawa to Montreal to Quebec City to Toronto
A lot of things have happened to me after coming here to Canada. It's an unforgettable learning experience studying and working at the same time. I wasn't able to travel that much which made me quite lonely for a while. There are a lot of things I've planned this year that didn't go according to my way yet it has opened a new chapter in my life. This new chapter means a call for a celebration, which meant we’re going for a trip to one of the most visited places in Canada.

We planned this trip with my boyfriend, at that time, to be as relaxing as possible. This was our second trip together and so far so good. I'll get back to that topic in another post next time. Our itinerary seemed packed with the number of places we've been to but it's actually an easy travel trip for two people. 

Aug 27 Sun Day 1: ARRIVAL 4pm Niagara Falls
Check in Quality Inn for 3 days 2 nights , with breakfast buffet
Booked cheap via agoda/booking dot com.
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Address: Quality Hotel Fallsview Cascade
5305 Murray St., Niagara Falls, ON L2G 2J3

Niagara Bus Fares: 3.25 cad (one way)
Regional buses (Niagara to St Catharines): 6 cad

Aug 28 Mon Day 2: Morning Wildplay Adventure
Address: WildPlay Whirlpool Adventure Course
3500 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 3E8

Purchase with Groupon at a discounted price. Check out my sidebar and footer for website link.

How to get there: 
Take WEGO bus system Green Line and alight at Whirlpool Adventure Course.
WEGO bus fare (24 hrs): 12 cad 
Stops at all Niagara tourist location

This was the most exciting thing we did as a couple. I love the adrenaline rush it gives me, plus knowing that he's on the other side of the obstacle made it more interesting too. And when I'm ahead of him I had to show some skills of course, I don't go down without a fight. The competitive side of me always resurfaced when I'm having fun outdoors. Honestly, I was scared but having my partner along with me made me feel safe. This by far is one highlight of our Canada trip together.

Aug 29 Tues Day 3: Check out Victoria Queen Park & Afternoon bus to TORONTO
How to get there: Victoria Queen Park
Walking distance from Clifton hill, right in front of Niagara Falls. 
No entrance fee

Bus to Toronto
Purchased bus tickets online via megabus dot com. Bus Fare: 15 cad-19cad
Take the bus from Niagara bus terminal to Toronto Coach Terminal (nearby Dundas Train Station) 

Stayed one night nearby Spadina Avenue  Kensington Market House
Booked cheap via booking dot com. Check out my sidebar and footer for website link. Pay upon arrival. 
Address: 112 Oxford Street, Toronto, M5T 1P3

Aug 30-Sept 1 Wed-Fri Day 4-6: 3-days TOUR
Pick-up venue: Dragon City Mall
Tour: Kingston , Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City

We booked ahead of time for the travel tour. I was excited to be on the road again. It isn't raw traveling like how i want it to be but having everything planned accordingly was a nice too. I got used to doing everything on my own that I forgot travel tours existed to make things easier. First stop was the town of Kingston. We had a glimpse of the Harbourfront and had some Thai food around the area. I love the old town feels of this place; it brings me back to those old black and white movies I've seen on TV. Ottawa was our second stop. The parliament house looked incredible when we visited on that very sunny day. Modern city with beautiful architectural designs, no wonder it's the capital city of Canada.

We took a lot of pictures for the three cities we've been to but for Quebec City we did more than that. We walked around for hours, had some snacks and took all in the beauty of the old city. I had a blast here. The old rustic walls, brick houses, romantic music around the corner, the smell of freshly baked goods, people laughing in the corner and having someone special made the whole experience memorable. Old Quebec City is a must see as it holds nostalgic feeling of coming home to your parent’s house, visiting your grandparents for holidays and those childhood days.

Our boat cruise at Thousand Islands in Kingston, Quebec City was an amazing experience too, another highlight of our trip. The scenic tour showed old lighthouses, a castle and island mansions situated around the area.

Sept 2 Chill Day
Check in Best Western Hotel
Booked via agoda/booking dot com. Check out my sidebar and footer for website link.

Toronto Fares:
1 Day Pass: 12.50 cad
1 Week Pass: 43 cad
1 subway ride: 3.25 cad (free connecting bus transfer)
1 bus ride: 3.25 / 4 cad (free connecting subway transfer)
Weekend and Holiday group subway fare: 12.50 cad for two pax

Check out The Distillery District Toronto, ON
Nearest subway station: King Station. Then outside the station take King Streetcar 504 and alight at King Street East at Trinity Street. Walk 5 minutes to Distillery.

Sept 3-4 Sun-Mon Day 7-8: Canada's Wonderland  
Ride the world's largest and highest roller coaster. Watch the fireworks. Check out circus shows. 
Address: 1 Canada's Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6
Theme park ticket: 50 cad to 70 cad
How to get there: Take Go transit bus (route 60) to the park. Two stations: York Mills or Yorkdale Bus Terminal. Bus fare: 4 cad (one way).

Hansik Korea Restaurant 
Address: 1101 Finch Ave W #4, North York, ON M3J 2C9
How to get there: Take bus 36 from Finch Station, alight at Alness Street.
All you can eat Korean Food for 30 cad per person.

I had a blast in Canada's wonderland, rode the world's largest and highest roller coaster. The ride was called Leviathan a 3 minutes ride of heart pumping up's and down's, jaw dropping twisting here and mixed it up with high drop downs in seconds. It's my second time actually the first time I stayed in the front seat zone, which just made everything such an amazing experience. I thought to myself I might as well get the full throttle of adrenaline rush experience. Dare yourself!

We tried the entire daring ride; don't settle for the cute ones ahahaa. At the end of the night we watched the fireworks with our friends. It was a holiday so they had a special fireworks display. We had a two day pass so we went back the next day and check out the circus and the live shows they had on scheduled. 

Sept 5 Tues Day 9
Check out High Park 
Address: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3, Canada
How to get there: From Keele Subway Station, cross the road from Bloor Street. Or Alight from High Park Station, it's just outside from the train station.

It was our last day in Toronto. We wanted to make used of the time left so we went to High Park. We alighted at Keele station but I prefer the High Park Station as there's a map of park trails in that side. It's a lovely place to walk around and just be away from the city. A very short walk as it started raining before we can even get farther from the park. Good thing there's an all you can eat Japanese Lunch buffet nearby the station however we didn't get there on time for the lunch buffet. Weather and time was just not our side on that very day, however the Japanese bento meal we had was delicious (18 cad). 

The hardest part was saying goodbye or more like see you later. Whatever that is it was the gruesome part of our 10 days trip, being at the airport. 

7pm flight
How to get there: Toronto Pearson International Airport

Take bus from Kipling Subway Station to Pearson Airport 

Check out: 10 days Canada Itinerary

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