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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sinulog Festival Awarding Ceremony Cebu, Philippines

Sinulog Festival Awarding Ceremony

Sinulog is an event where in people gather to celebrate one hymn, one dance and one faith. I started the celebration with a few drinks with my buddies. I've been missing my pals, we haven't seen each other for quiet sometime now. It's a great event because it gathers people with their family, relatives and friends.

I enjoyed the presentation they had at the Abellana Sports Complex, it was last day of the event and everyone on stage we´re the winners in different categories. We paid a 100 php for the entrance fee which is quite expensive compared to last year's 10php only. We were already standing beside  the gate might as well watch and enjoy the presentation.

People came here to see the winners one more time in a more precise vision, and be able to understand more the message they´re trying to depict in their dances. People waited for each presentation and dancers from different groups watched closely as their competitors take the stage. 

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