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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to get there: Metro Sports Wall Climbing Cebu, Philippines

Reach for the Top!
Cebu Lahug Wall Climbing

I've always wanted to experience rock climbing, to go outdoors and enjoy nature. I think   it would be best to try wall climbing first before going to the extreme. I had some  time off from school and I met with a close of friend, we had the same thing on mind all this time last semester, so we gave it a shot . We were planning to join mountaineering back then but due to our course it was hard for us to join the club schedules. That's why we thought of something to divert our frustrations of not being able to be part of the club by engaging in different kinds of activities instead, and Wall Climbing was on top of our list.

I went to Metro Sports with another friend of mine the second time around. The feeling of reaching the top was still there and I can't help but remember my first experience. This time you have to bring your own shoes,  I believe it's for hygienic measures which is a good thing to avoid acquiring foot allergies. My friend tried doing it on barefoot and it was alright, you can feel everything you've step on. This is not advisable for sweaty feet.

Metro Sports located at Salinas Drive, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City near Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. The spot where we heard that you can try wall climbing for a day, i guess that was around  130-150 php for four hours climbRates changes without prior notice, better call them for updated rates. 

Even thou we were not club members, we were still welcome to check out their facilities. We were excited and nervous at the same time, they have great facilities, we passed by the boxing gym and I felt this adrenaline to write  that down on my checklist next time, for now wall climbing first. 

Wall Climbing is great way to test out your courage and determination. Try to check out Metro Sports for a different kind of escape from the real world. 


  1. Will definitely put this on my bucket list... looked like you guys had butloads of fun. do they have a weight requirement? lol..

    Alic of

    1. Hey Alic!

      I'm not sure about the weight requirements maybe maximum would be around 250 lbs. Better yet call them at (032) 234-4921 / 233-3338 or check their website @

      By the way I have a simple tip for you reach the top! Don't try reach for it! It makes all the muscle fatigue worthwhile. Enjoy! ^___^

  2. How long is the "wall" for wall climbing?