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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simala Sibonga Cebu, Philippines

1st Visit to Cebu Sibonga Simala
Sing Hallelujah!

The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist at Simala, Sibonga. We headed to the Cebu South Bus Terminal and hop in to one of the buses going to Simala. Bus Fare: 50 php. Travel time: 2 hours. Upon arriving in Sibonga, habal-habal (motorcycle)and tricycle drivers are available to take you to the monastery, Fare:20 php and would take around 15 minutes.

I've heard about Simala from words of tongue, I've never been there and when my friends invited me to join them, I immediately said yes. It was like a Disneyland Monastery, it has a castle like designed and it was colored blue. I had this impression when I first saw the Monastery.

Silence and proper attire are strictly observe inside as expected, even my white shirt with a little short sleeve caught their attention. They would provide visitors with veil/sarong or any cloth that will cover the delicate parts of your body to ensure people's attention away from any distractions. They have a pond and a small bridge over it for you to walked on, as for us we had our pictures taken there. Beside this area they have a small park with cute huts where you can have your packed lunch and snacks.

Latest Updates of Cebu Sibonga Simala
Sing Hallelujah!

The second time I was there someone invited me again, this time we rode in my friend's car. We arrived at the area faster compared to buses which has stop overs and pick-up passengers along the road. I prayed to pass the Board Examination and my whispered prayers were answered. A lot of examinees always keep in mind to visit this place, people who wanted to go abroad, to bear a child and most of all those people who are sick came to ask for help. 

There are lots of testimonies pinned inside whose prayers were answered, they leave their pins,badges,caps, pictures,thank you letters and even people who were terminally ill and miraculously been healed leave an evidence of their sickness like a wig,crutches and more. It was spooky to read those testimonies and amazing how someones leap of faith can changed everything. I was surprised to see the changed they made when I came back to the monastery. It looked immensely big and interesting to have such a construction in that kind of place. I bet it would look historical and mysterious when it's done, something I like to look forward to. 

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