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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gawad Kalinga School Building

Gawad Kalinga School Building
Ready to Paint

A lot of people are lazy to wake up so early in the morning and I admit to be one of these people. I signed up and came here in camp for a purpose and with that motivation in mind, it was piece of cake to woke up before the rooster even has the chance to say his prayers. It's also a good thing so I won't have to wait in line. I should bare in mind that there are more than 25 people breathing inside this house, so I exactly on time Dress up and Ready to Paint. We greeted the day with a song and dance to praise the Lord.

We walked along the seaside going to the school where all participants gather to talk about the days activities. We started the day with a song and dance with the GK Bayani Song as our beat. 

We were assigned in School Building, we painted from one school to another.  I didn't get the chance to choose any activity because I came in at the second day, too bad I was expecting to be on Home Building Activity group. It was quite difficult to transfer knowing no one in the group except an acquaintance who invited us.

It was a great challenge to do the task under the heat of the sun. It wasn't really tiring to paint all day but what sucks out the life of you is the heat of the ever brightly, smiling,shinning, center of the universe - the sun, you're perspiring more and we end up getting dehydrated, which is also at risk for heat stroke. We had to rest, freshen up and fuel ourselves with water which we only have a few ounces in hand. The time we allotted for staying in the shade could have been one column painted but we can't help it, the summer sun was too much to bare.

Gawad Kalinga School Building
Ready to Paint

The day ended with a big bright,sunny smile with me, I felt great looking at the wall in front of me.
Everyday I see and meet different kinds of people in different schools. They all have curious stares and shy grins, one thing I love to see early in the morning.

Through Gawad Kalinga we somehow painted the town red. I want to see how love embraces their hearts and each corner of the classroom be filled with hope.

A few eager students wanted to lend a hand. It was great sight to see a volunteer working hand in hand with students. Volunteers who are willing to file a leave from their work just to be there, asking nothing in return- that's genuine service to other people. To reach out to someone they don't know, to do something significant and has nothing to say but smile.

We finished painting the school before dinnertime which was a relief, I thought the day would never end. I was starving and craving for grilled foods. We found the perfect place to have are delicious dinner, only at the nearest Barbecue stand just q few blocks away from the school ground. We ate like there's no tomorrow, a perfect way to satisfy our appetite. I ordered Grilled Pork Chop,Chicken and Chorizo (Pork Sausage), and of course Cebu's Pride, Puso (Hanging Rice). 

Every day during my Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge is always another day full of new experiences and realizations which also meant seeing more smiles and cheers.

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