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Friday, October 7, 2011

How to get there: Pandanon Island Cebu - Bohol, Philippines

Two Faces of Pandanon Island
Cebu-Bohol Island Hopping

I'm blessed with good friends. People whom I can be with me, laugh with my not-so-funny jokes and tries to understand my unreasonable acts. We are involved in different activities now, still we find ways to see each other. A friend of mine was having a team building and we were invited to come along. Well, of course I was all smiles and I definitely said yes.

We met up early in the morning at Savemore Mepza 1 Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City. We were a bit late, no i mean totally late for the set time. On my way, I was with a close friend of mine and we were laughing so hard telling each other jokes, we haven't seen each other for quite some time. 

When we arrived at the meeting place we were surprised to see that the whole team was already waiting for us. Oh my, we were just so embarrassed, good thing I've packed my all-day long Smiling face with me. The team planned to go to Pandanon, it is an archipelago which is part of northern Bohol here in the Philippines, and I've read it was just recently been open to public. It's amazing to think that you're going to be an island that geographically in between Cebu and Bohol.

How to get there: Cebu-Pandanon Island

We headed to the port near Hilton HotelPunta Engano, Mactan - actually you can also have your boat ride at Angasil, Maribago. You'll have to rent a Boat and that would cost you around 1,800-3,500 it would always depend on the boat capacity and destination. We had the bigger one who can accommodate more than 30-35 persons for 3,500 pesos. This trip is a little farther than the usual islands you visited around Mactan Island. It would took you more or less 1 and a half hours before we you get to the island. I got excited when I can almost see a white peanut size floating in the horizon. Once you get to Pandanon Island, the entrance fee is 150 pesos, and the use of a  cottage is 200 pesos


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  2. Thank you.I've always been a traveler and I want to inspire people to go to places they have never been to,so might as well share my experiences too. =)


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