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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Palawan Balinsasayaw Inato Grill Restaurant and Kinabuch Bar and Grill

Palawan's Best Restuarants 

We had a Yummy Grilled lunch at  a Filipino restaurant named Balinsasayaw Inato and Grill Restaurant (Balinsasayaw means Bird's Nest) located at Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Any kind of transportation will get you to this restaurant, it's a popular place. There are a lot of things different from this City with Cebu- my hometown- just some of my major observations.

-Their means of transportation: tricycle, private vehicles and vans- usually for travel tours. You'll notice right away that they don't have any Taxi's for hire- except for travel tours only. 

-Comparing to Cebu when it comes to traffic lights they have timers for each post: one for the vehicles to stop and go, and for the pedestrian lane that signals walk and stop- they have this at Singapore too. I was amused as how they organized and maintain right amount of traffic time with each lane and yet we don't have it here in Cebu.

- Puerto Princesa is a very clean city their rules and regulations are specifically strict when it comes cleanliness. If you're caught with a cigarette on hand and you throw it anywhere- you'll just end up in jail. They have trash cans everywhere, no reason for you to mess around.

 Kinabuch Bar and Grill

Palawan's Special Exotic Treat the Tamilok, a special wood-worm mollusk that nest inside the Mangroves, and the place to be is at Kinabuch Bar and Grill at Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City,Palawan. A  walking distance away from the Capitol building. Don't be afraid to explore and discover new things and most especially trying exotic delicacies. This is one of the famous grill at Puerto Princesa, a tricycle driver can take you there, you won't get lost because that restaurant stands out especially for these mollusk dish.   

Classic style recipe price: 115 php  
Breaded Tamilok: 125 php, good for 6-8 persons.  

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