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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marina de bay and Microtel Inn and Suites, Palawan Philippines

Places where you can stay in Palawan
Marina de bay Palawan
I got up early in the morning to prepare for our tour. I’m a kind of person who can spend more than an hour inside the comfort room. The van's going to arrived early so I had to move fast. Good thing we were picked first so we had a hotel and resort tour.

Everyone had their smiles along their faces which was a great sight to greet you in the morning. The last people were fetched at a private getaway resort at Marina de bay, no doubt a beautiful place to stay. The bathroom didn't disappoint me as well, different kinds of ornaments we're hanged on the walls- it was pretty interesting. The resort is located at Purok Sandiwa, Bgy. Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

We waited at the lobby in Marina de Bay and while enjoying the scenery I remembered my sort of funny experience before we board the plane. It was a sunny Thursday going to the Airport and yes we were late again that time. Always keep in mind to be an hour earlier if you have you have some check-in luggage, well for our case we had the go lite travel, but still you have to be there at least 45 minutes before the allotted time. When we arrived the plane was already boarding. I had to rushed to get in line for the check-in counter, luckily- thank goodness, we were still allowed to board the plane, the operator beside me in the counter took her radio and hold the gates for us -what a relief. 

We were escorted by a Cebu pacific personnel to the terminal fee counter to be prioritized and ran our way to board the plane. We buckled our seat belt and then it was announced we were waiting for 3 passengers- so we just ran for nothing, we realized that they were waiting for my cousin's friends who weren't planning to come at all. We told the crew and off we go to Palawan. 

The overlooking view of this resort is surely a great spot to have a romantic or relaxing dinner. I saw two butterflies along the stairway and it looked like their feeling the romantic setting of Marina de Bay.

Next stop..
Microtel Inn and Suites


We start our Palawan City tour unless everyone is on board,so first thing was to fetched everyone from their respective inns and hotels. One of our companions were staying at Microtel Inn and Suites, located at Emerald Playa Beach and Nature Park San Manuel, Puerto Princesa City,Palawan. It has a spectacular view of the beach. It was tiring to just sit around and wait for other people to be finished, so we roam around the resort. Same routine once again I checked their comfort room, and look what I've found three pretty native basket-liked placed in one of the corners. 

I just love their artistic and ingenious furniture's. 


  1. i know right! ehehee those ladies are entertaining but try to check out this guy here - his totally crazy!