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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mactan Island Hopping, Cebu Philippines

Mactan Island Hopping

How you to get there:
If you're staying in a resort, ask the receptionist after you check-in if they offer packages. There are Ports where you can have your Island Hopping. A tricycle ride or a hired van of your contacts can get you there:
-Baybayon,Datag Maribago Lapu-Lapu City
-Beside Hilton Hotel,Punta EngaƱo Lapu-Lapu City

Boat rent approximately 1,800 php - 3,500 php, depends on the size of the boat.

One island hopping trip in a lifetime is not enough, every summer I make sure I have this kind of activity booked in my checklist. My relatives came to visit us and we decided to have an Island Hopping, besides it was also a great coincidence because my mom is celebrating her birthday- although she's really not interested with beaches, she said yes.  

I didn't have the chance to contact my friend's friend during our island hopping trip, so we had a different tour guide. They were not that cooperative when I asked them to dock just closer to the islands, so as not to pay any entrance fee, they refused. 

They said they know a certain island where there's not fee at all however, it was already low tide and we can't reach the island by boat, we have to walk a few meters to the island. I was willing to walk that far then I saw lots of seaweeds, wait the minute! I'm a bit afraid or let's say terrified with this plants against my feet. It was a relief that I followed my instinct, while we were having our shadows pictured we saw a sea urchin silently watching us from above.

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