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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Metro Sports Wall Climbing Cebu, Philippines

First time at Metro Sports Wall Climbing

Metro Sports located at Salinas Drive, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City near Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. The spot where we heard that you can try wall climbing for a day, i guess that was around  130-150 php for four hours climbRates changes without prior notice, better call them for updated rates. 

This is the wall where you can practice your spacing and grip to prepare you for your climb. It looks like my partner here is able to find her balance just right. Just look at how she easily climbs the wall, it seems like she's just riding a horse.

While my pal is having a worry free climb, I was struggling and I've never felt so heavy. My muscles were tearing apart and I can feel the heat burning inside me. I'm really not a very athletic person so I find it very challenging wherein my endurance is put to the test. 

I wanted to scream so I can skip this face of the wall, but that wont do me any good. Funny thing, I think I even prayed. This is where you have to put everything aside and focus on the task. The crew that was holding my rope was very nice, he was encouraging me to push further, maybe he was even pulling the rope  harder than me so I can pass that obstacle. Now that I've thought about it I can help but wonder, still I know I also contributed a lot, the effort I exerted was enormous. 

My concentration paid off and everything went smoothly when I was able to reach the edge. The feeling was extraordinary! and plus the feeling was doubled when the crew said only professional do that wall because it was extremely hard. Four walls to choose fromand each wall gets tougher for different levels of wall climbers.

Hard work really does pay off, the achievement felt like sugar rush and I can't help but feel empowered, yet I feel so tired. It was worth every drop of sweat and teeth grinding, to be able to reach the top felt great.

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