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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Puerto Princesa City Baywalk and Street Food in Palawan, Philippines

 Puerto Princesa City Baywalk

It is formerly Palawan's Seaplane 1 & 2, just a 10 minute walk away from Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Palawan's own version of Manila's Baywalk, it has a great view of the mountains and fishing boats.

People visit these place to do some jogging, biking - there are bike rents, just ask the locals or you can have a small picnic.

While strolling around the city we were craving for some street foods..

Palawan's Gastronomic Street Food 

TinaE,Botsi and Kwek-Kwek

City Tour in Palawan will surely make you hungry and after a long day of laughing, picture taking and a lecture of historical places- which added more facts in my thirsty brain basket. We also had the time to stroll around the City. You've got to try their street foods and they even have a Mayor's permit posted on their carts. I had their Botsi -bot-chi (chicken's large intestine ), TinaE -tee-na-eh (chicken's small intestine) and my favorite kwek-kwek (quail's egg), you can have the small sized or the bigger one- me? Well of course I chose both. A perfect appetizer for my growling stomach. 

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