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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge Wild and Crazy Day Finale

Gawad Kalinga 

Gawad Kalinga was founded by Mr. Antonio Meloto from Bacolod, that's why a lot of participants are from his hometown, that's basically what I know about this organization. A teacher from that school whose also lending a hand for the activity asked a lot of question. She was surprised when I told her we were not paid to do this kind of work and everyone signed up with their own will. She can't imagine how I would want to spend my time and money just to join this activity. I'm really not a helpful person but I want learn how to be useful. We had some time off after painting the school, so we made our way to the beach.

The Sunset plus Low tide has a very dramatic effect, and I took out my camera to capture such a beautiful scenery. I saw these men working together to lift the boat, and I thought this is what they called Bayanihan (working together) and what a coincidence that I'm participating right now in Gawad Kalinga that has the same goals and objectives. The main core that makes GK successful.

While walking around the beach I saw this child that seemed to be looking for something in the sand. I was curious and I approached him. He told me he was searching for crabs and he smiled to me with his hands widely open, he was like showing off his collections to me- I just love how kids think and smile. 

Look what I found during low tide, a very interesting thing caught my attention. I thought it was the only one there but they were many. These one was my favorite it  had a more detailed structure. Funny thing is, whatever angle I look at it , it  really does look like animal poop but it was sand, maybe a kind of animal eats up sand and eventually excretes it.

Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge 
Wild and Crazy Day Finale

Every now and then, someone would asked, why join Gawad Kalinga's project? I simply smile. I can't seem to find the right words to express how it feels to do something for someone whom you don't even know.

After a whole day of painting at the school, we were almost done and the colors are radiating. I can't help but be proud of myself of the great job we've accomplished. After that  the group was starving and we ate at Kermits located at B. Rodrigues St. Bantayan Town Proper, Bantayan Island, just a walking distance from the plaza.
Every night there's always a gathering in the school grounds, it could either be: a  speaker is invited to share or a musical gathering, a cooking contest was also part of the activities. During our last night it ended with the 6 Cycle Mind Concert. We were in the front row and we can see the band sweating, they were like ice cubes melting at a very fast pace. Everyone was jumping, singing and dancing like crazy people especially during the fire dance performance, people were shouting because of his daring acts. It was fun to see people get wild and crazy after how many days of tiring work. 

Sta. Fe  port, , boat fare: 150 php and terminal fee: 5 php. At the Hagnaya Wharf there are many Ceres buses bound for Cebu, Bus fare: 132 php with a Travel time: 3-4 hours.

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