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Monday, October 10, 2011

Kawasan Falls of Cebu, Philippines

Rushing Waters of Kawasan Falls 

How to get there: 

South Bus Terminal
Bus fare: 75 php
Travel time: 2-3 hoursAnother option, you can have the V-hire at Citlink fare:150 php.

Before you reach Kawasan Falls you can drop by at a Small Church, pray for guidance and safety, its just around the corner at the parking area. Don't worry you will not get lost going to  Kawasan Falls, it has a medium-sized signage and it's a very popular place- you can asked the locals for directions. 

We hiked for  around 15-30 minutes, along the way enjoy the sounds of the tree's brushing each others leaves. By the way Entrance fee: 10 php. Just follow the trail of the river and signs that lead you to the Falls- just like during the Ancient times people do this when they hunt or find their way home.

You'll passed by one of their wooden bridge strong enough for people to walked on and I saw little kids who played along the river. The second time around I saw three ducks- such a welcome treat for me.

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