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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pandanon Island Secret Island of Cebu Bohol, Philippines

Secret Island of Cebu-Bohol Island Hopping
Pandanon Island

How to get there: Cebu-Pandanon Island

We headed to the port near Hilton HotelPunta Engano, Mactan - actually you can also have your boat ride at Angasil, Maribago. You'll have to rent a Boat and that would cost you around 1,800-3,500 it would always depend on the boat capacity and destination. We had the bigger one who can accommodate more than 30-35 persons for 3,500 pesos. This trip is a little farther than the usual islands you visited around Mactan Island. It would took you more or less 1 and a half hours before we you get to the island. 
I got excited when I can almost see a white peanut size floating in the horizon. Once you get to Pandanon Island, the entrance fee is 150 pesos, and the use of a  cottage is 200 pesos

They have this amazing part of the island where there's a path you can walk on until it disappears- according to my research Pandanon Island has gained increasing popularity these days for its natural sandbar that extends shallowly into the sea. Now I know why it's so popular, you just got to see it for yourself. They had their games as teams and so my friend and I got to strolled the island.While we had are footprints in the sand printed,of course, are favorite activity, we took each others photographs. I had one of my pictures taken here ,which takes me to a Greek-inspired scenery in my mind.

While we were in the mood to get our skin toasted, we played Volleyball until we had our tongue's sticking outside our mouths- that's when we stopped the heat was slowly cooking our skins. It was good thing my friend took a picture of us playing. They also have a designated place to have your grilled barbeque's or you can buy some fresh seafood's if you're lucky enough to spot some local vendors roaming around the island. However, the day was coming to an end and we have to get to the boat before sunset, we don't want to be travelling in dark waters and a chilling strong wind brushing are hairs. 

It was a day of fun and games and walking in the beach barefoot that really made my trip wonderful. I love their cute nipa-inspired umbrellas- I had a blast when my photos were taken there. I treasured the moment just seated in that spot and looking at sky with the sea mirroring it's radiance. It's always been fun for me to explore and see places far away from Cebu. 

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