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Monday, November 28, 2011

Moalboal Beach Bonfire, Cebu Philippines

Campfire in Moalboal

How to get there:

First Option, head straight to South Bus Terminal, Ceres Bus Regular fare non-air conditioned: 75 php, while 115 php for air conditioned bus.Travel Time: 2.5 hours by bus. Second Option, you can take the V-hire at Citilink Terminal, a few meters away from the South Bus Terminal V-hire fare: 100 php. When you arrived at Moalboal there are Tricycles and habal-habal ( motorcycles) to choose from that will take you to Big Sand Campgrounds.
My first time going Camping in Moalboal was very exciting and totally ridiculous. The weather was surprisingly changing as we set-up camp, but that didn't stop us from sleeping inside the tent. We ate by the campfire and watched as the last firewood loss it's flames, then we went to sleep, well of course after a few shots of alcohol. The wind was getting stronger and the waves were furiously getting bigger, we continued with our beauty sleep. Maybe we didn't do a great job with our tent, the water came in and the sand were rolling around, or maybe the wind was that strong. I woke up with one part of the tent almost strip off and the mouth of the tent wide open. I thought did somebody go out and left the doorway open? Everyone was asleep, I guessed maybe someone pee last night or sleep walk and left it like that. I wasn't really totally up to greet the day and immediately after that I went to sleep, too tired to fix things up. As a result, all are things were wet with sand sticking out in all sides.

Later that day, I don't know if my memory serves me right. While we were busy pigging out, our tent was rolling over the sand, the wind was trying to fly it as a kite. We were totally running for it and laughing our hearts out. A spot where you can Hear the waves and the Watch the Sunset. They actually have rooms and cabins at a very affordable price, but nothing beats a campfire at the beach. 


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