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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Singapore to Batam, Indonesia

Arrival at Indonesia 

We headed to Batam,Indonesia via Ferry at Vivo City,Harbourfront. It was Chinese New Year week so the tickets were booked ahead of time. We were tired from last night short drinking session and a little sleep deprived which is normal here in Singapore.

How to get there: Singapore to Batam

Ferry Tickets from HarbourFront to Batam Centre - HarbourFront is S$16/person, with Singapore seaport tax S$20/person and Batam seaport tax S$7/person. Total fare: S$43/person. Travel time: 45mins. away from the Island. Don't forget to Check Fare Updates.

I wasn't able to have my breakfast because we had an early boarding ,before 930 we had to be there standing alive,awake and enthusiastic. I'm always on the go when we're talking about going to new places but It felt like I'm was walking in the clouds-sounds good to me!

Batam is located west of Bintan Island, south of Singapore, north of Rempang, east of Karimun and Bulan Island, and that's according to wikipedia. 

The place smelled like home and it was just like going back to the Philippines. What makes the place different is their building structures,it has this temple design roofs.

We had our brunch,breakfast and lunch together. The boss brought us to there restaurant,that seems more like a canteen and who cares the foods were fantastic. A variety of dishes were served and if only I can divert food in my liver,heart,lungs,why not,but self control I can't feed myself more when I feel already bloated-funny me!

Outside the restaurant,i mean canteen, Adam and Eve were having there own show. Who would have thought they were just here,getting tan? I mean Silver? Eve was a little bit conservative but look at our Adam- Whew! We had plenty of shots with these guy,what a lucky day for him.

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