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Monday, December 3, 2012

Hiking Day at Bukit Timah, Singapore

Hiking Day at Bukit Timah, Singapore

Home is a place where you can find your old self,old stuff and old memories. Old means historical and significant,and these are precious to me.

When I decided to leave home and try to find work in another country was the worst decision I made for my heart,but the best thing ever for my future or let's say financially helpful. This might seem to be a mistake for now but I've gone this far to take a step back. They say everything happens for a reason,I might as well consider myself lucky to pass the Immigration,or it was meant for me to pass that counter. I'm already here in Singapore so I'm still on a travel right? however, travelling in a constant place for a year,I'm going crazy I'm so off topic.

I've always wanted to have a different kind of birthday celebration,so this time I decided to go hiking with my friends. I'm far away from my family and friends, good thing being with nature makes me feel happy. Actually it's just an excuse because I haven't received my salary yet. It's hard to be broke when it's your day and you've got nothing to spend even just for 1 gallon of ice cream,especially when your relatives is expecting a party-whew!

I've always been a big fan of mother nature,and seeing everything green around makes me feel at peace. A friend told me that if you feel tired and looking at something green will make you feel better,tree's are like the best example.

According to my research which is something you should do before heading to any place you're not familiar with: Bukit Timah (aka Bukit Timah Hill), located in central Singapore in the 164 hectare (400 acres) Bukit Timah Nature Preserve, is the highest land point on Singapore. Busses serving Upper Bukit Timah Road (opposite the Bukit Timah Shopping Center) are 67, 75, 170, 171, 173, 184, 852, and 961. From downtown Singapore, you can catch busses 171 or 182 which run along Orchard and Stamford Roads in the colonial district and pass the Newton MRT (subway) station. Get off the bus on Upper Bukit Timah Road at the Courts Mmammoth Super Store, a large blue building that is hard to miss. From here, take a short (approx. 10 min) walk northeast on Hindhede Drive past some high class condos to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Center from where the trails start. 

I came along with my two buddies. We haven't plan ahead of time and I've even forgot to google the place,so we ended up spending more hours getting lost than actually hiking itself. It was really funny getting lost and my friends were not geared up for the hike,so it made it more difficult plus the heat of the sun was roasting us like BBQ chicken.

When we got to the place,these monkeys greeted us with a smile. We were not able to packed some foods for our picnic session. We dropped at the nearest McDonald's and take away some snacks. We didn't know these fella's were there running around freely. Plastic and Papers attracts these animals. We were like doing the walk run style, like what some athletes do in the marathon. We placed the snacks in our bags and we were running like children and unfortunately the coke spilled over inside our bags. Unfortunately, I've brought some important papers with me-what a day!

We were not able to go that far, it's not safe to get lost when it's already getting dark. Before the sun says goodbye we were getting back on our tracks. The day ended just fine and we can't wait to go back home and take a shower.

I'm definitely going back and the second time around getting lost is not an option. 

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