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Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to get there: Singapore to Johor Bahru ,Malaysia

My Short Trip to Johor Bahru ,Malaysia

For the past few days I was feeling miserable and so damn tired of work, so I decided to have a little break. The best remedy for this kind of situation is to leave the country, as much as I want to go far away we only have limited time and budget.

I message my friends and off we go to Johor Bahru,Malaysia just a border away from Singapore. It's also quite convenient for we can use our EZ Link to pay the fare. Fare= 3 sgd and that's already back in forth if I remember it right.

Johor Bahru (also Johor Baru or Johore Baharu, but universally called JB) is the state capital of Johor in southern peninsular Malaysia. There are lot of ways to get there : by road trip you can take the bus stop opposite Kranji MRT station/Queen Street Terminal/Jurong bus interchange/Boon Lay MRT station. He headed to another point much nearer to JB at Woodlands Bus Interchange, near Woodlands MRT and Causeway Mall. Travel time would be around 30-45 mins to 1 hour, it depends on the crowd especially in the immigration section so better head there during weekdays. It was Sunday and to avoid too many people we've gone there early and go home early too.

They have a nice terminal for arriving passengers and security was all around even when we're out they're still there lurking around. Outside feels like I'm back home in the Philippines and that just put a smile on my face.We decided to actually watch a movie because Singapore money doubles up there, 1 Singaporean Dollar=2.45 Ringet, but we occupied ourselves with more on shopping and there was no more time left to see the movie.

Some parts of City Square Mall was under renovation so the mall was like a maze, we have to run some detour and analyzing if we've already gone there. I had a good time knowing I gone to another country which is still quite near thou. We found some interesting stuffs there like this cute juice bar, a lip gloss with a coca cola twist which is also available here in Singapore and of course you can't smoke anywhere you want.

We bought some earrings and slippers along the way and good thing my friend took a shot of it and now I have something to share, and our last stop was at Starbucks- nothing beats a great coffee on a wonderful chillin' out day. It was a short fun trip to Johor Bahru ,Malaysia and next on our list we'll be heading to Kuala Lumpur.

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