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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday 2 PM Cafe, Cebu Philippines

Unexpected Alluring Coffee Place 
at Sunday 2 PM Cafe, Cebu Philippines

Once upon a time.. Nah! Just kidding.. ehehee

My cousin from Manila was having a field trip here in Cebu for a few days and he'll be staying at Sarrosa International Hotel. We headed there yesterday as soon as Daddy was off from work. I've never thought I would bumped into this interesting cafe. It's quite unique for me because it's the first time I've laid eyes on it and how messy in a cute way was this place. When my brother and I had the chance to get out of the hotel we immediately decided to pay it a visit. A coffee shop where you can read a wide variety of books inside. All the shelves were filled with books which is available for anyone who wants to read. Funny Unfortunate thing is I wasn't able to find English Books around the shelves.

What allures me of this cafe is that it holds hundreds of sticky notes everywhere: from the door, bookshelves, tables and even the refrigerator. Written all over are lovely, funny, nonsense, sweet, messy drawings and memorable messages. We ordered some take away coffee and while waiting well of course, we've done the same thing what everybody does before they leave this place and that is, to have are post it pasted on the shelves right away.

It's an adorable sight for such a relaxing place where you can sit back and never realize it's not your room. Now that I think about it, actually maybe I like it because it resembles more of my messy in a cute way bedroom.

If you want to see something new in the Metro then drop by Sarrosa International Hotel, a few minutes away from Ayala Mall around Pres. Quirino St, Cebu City Philippines.

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