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Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to get there: Moalboal Beach Sunset, Cebu Philippines

Moalboal Beach Sunset
Bigsand Resort and Campgrounds

A friend of mine just came from Singapore and she wanted to go swimming in the beach. It's one of things you will miss when you go work abroad. A clear and pristine beach is what Cebu holds in it's neighboring municipalities. One of the famous is Moalboal which is in the south side of Cebu and famous for it's long line of white sand beaches.

How to get there:
We headed to City Link Terminal located at N. Bacalso Avenue, near E-Mall, Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC) and Cebu Technological Center (CTC).

Commonly known as V-hires (van for hires) fare: 100 php
Travel time: 2-3 hours

From Moalboal V-hire terminal take the tricycle to BigSand Campground. It's a rough ride so hold on to your seats and enjoy the bumps. Tricycle Fare: 20-25 php, do some talking to lessen the fare. When we arrived  we decided to have our tent set-up right away so we can enjoy our chill out spot. The day faded away gorgeously with changing lights and calm waters. Whenever I'm in BigSand I would always visit this hut just a few steps away from the campground and try to check if they still have this orange mickey mouse hanging around as decorations- I'm so happy they still have it!

We watched the day faded away, as the clouds moved our worries done the same. The water was calmer, the light beautifully changed right in our very eyes, the sand soothed our skin and the air sang in our ears. As it brushed my eardrums I thought about how things has been in my life. Sunset does things to people I tell you before I had my moment of silence my friends gone wacko! I guess that includes me too ,we chased the sunset with a camera timer as we posed in our wackiest face and body moves. 

I've never thought I terribly missed the beach , the breeze, the sound of the waves, the heat of the sun and the people close to my heart- I couldn't ask for more! 

BigSand Campground located at the the tip of Basdaku, Saavedra Moalboal, Cebu Philippines.

For more resort details:


  1. mgkano po ba and entrance fee sa bigsand campground? may bayad mo pa ba ang tent?

    1. @zyra Camping on the beach is fun!

      Here's some information that can help you:
      Small Tent - Estimated capacity of 2-3 persons at Php200 per night.
      Medium-Sized Tent - Estimated capacity of 3-5 persons at Php300 per night.
      Big Tent - Estimated capacity of 5-8 persons at Php500 per night.

      For more details check out their site:

  2. I wanna try that beach on my next trip.Perfect for the family I guess. I'm just wondering how long does it take if I'll be staying in Summit Circle Cebu Hotel to get there?


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