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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tumalog Falls Oslob, Cebu Philippines

Tumalog Falls

How to get there: Cebu-Oslob
Location: Natalio Bacalso, Tan-awan Oslob 6025, Philippines

From the airport:
Take a taxi to South Bus Terminal, from the bus terminal look for the Ceres Bus bound to Bato then alight at Oslob. 

From Cebu City:
Head to South Bus Terminal, a few walks metres away from Elizabeth Mall. The terminal is clean, organized and don't worry you'll never get lost inside. Buy your ticket in the counter and make sure to read the board signs placed in front of the windshield mirror before hopping inside the bus.

Transportation and Travel Time
From Airport to South Bus Terminal: 1 hour ( depends on the traffic )
Taxi Metre Fare: 60-100 php

Buses Operates from 1 AM - 9 PM 
From South Bus Terminal to Oslob:
Ceres Bus Fare (non-air-conditioned) :150+ php
Ceres Bus Fare (air-conditioned) : 155 php
Travel time : 2-4 hours ( depends on the traffic )

Whale Shark Briefing Area going to the falls 
via Motorcycle/Van Ride (2-way) :100-120 php
Travel time: 20-30 minutes
Entrance Fee: 20 php

After we had our Whale Shark "Butanding" experience off we went to the hidden and breathtaking curtain-like waterfalls of OslobIf you have your own transportation just watch out for any Tumalog Falls signs along the road or show your biggest smile and ask the locals to avoid getting lost.

There's a parking area for the vehicles but starting from the steep road only motorcycles/habal-habal are allowed to drive thru. Even if the road has been cemented it's a treacherous drive so be careful especially going downhill. It's advisable to avoid riding the motorcycle/habal-habal for safety purposes. A nice walk will make you appreciate nature even better. Nature Walk to the falls will only take around 10 minutes, depending on your pace. The scenery along the way was beautiful, when the waterfall was in sight it was definitely worth the travel. Plus! During that day the  rugby team from another country was also there to experience the captivating waterfall. What a great eye candy day! 

There's always something mysterious about waterfalls, their beauty is always hidden from the world, in order for you to see its wonders you have to travel distances, walk for minutes even hours before you reach your destination. However, the prolong waiting and what awaits you at the end of the road  is worth every sweat you put into. 

I stand in awe as I look what's above me, it' was like being under an enormous shower, sprinkles of water were coming everywhere and the wind was gently blowing from the sides.

I sat down on one of three chopped woods perfectly place distantly from the waterfall. The sprinkle water don't go that far and I've wondered if it was just meant to be chairs, when I tried to bend my head backwards the view was spectacular. So I decided to lay down on three woods and smile at the scenery that behold my eyes. This is what it looked like: the clear blue sky meets the trees above the waterfalls, branches perfectly covered the blazing sun and the shower of curtains filled my eyes with wonders. If there's star gazing at night, then there's also the daylight gazing. 

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