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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand

First Night in Bangkok, Thailand

We had a late afternoon departure from Cebu to Bangkok around 1650H with estimated arrival time of 1920H at Suvarnabhumi International AirportWe meet-up with my cousin friend's mum at the waiting lounge along with her funny and talkative friend.It's nice to see these ladies travelling; I'm glad I was able to purchase  for me and my mother. We should be travelling with are parents as often as possible because they're not getting younger and life is short my dear friends. It doesn't have to be that far, I've brought my family for a 3 days trip to Bohol and we had a blast. Despite the fact that I've been to Bohol for several times; it's always a different experience with different people.

I'm reading Time Keeper by Mitch Albom while I'm glancing at my window. I've always love sitting by the window when I'm on board a plane. I want to see how the day fades away or catch the first rays of sunlight. I see the light as it splatters the sky with orange light; too bad my camera can't catch the sunset.The clouds were like mountains made with white boulders, or like series of waves in the beach as surfers wait for the big ride.

I was trying to check my itinerary when the stewardess passes by with their goodies. I saw that they're selling sunglasses and in minutes I've bought my first sunglasses on board a plane. We haven't reached the land yet and here I am shopping. Its funny how I manage to budget ahead of time for this trip and reminded myself not to buy anything unnecessary. I've just remembered that I ate like three big bread/"pandesal"at the waiting area and I didn't mind being thirsty, I even tried not to look at any foods the stewardess are bringing especially the light of a blue, transparent plastic filled with water. Flight goodies are just too expensive;  I guess I'm a victim of my own crime.

We landed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok at night time, the terminal was humongous and people from different countries are everywhere. Thailand is one hour late compared to Philippines so set your time right. 

I was surprised when we purchased our MRT ticket in a form of a token, it reminded me of my childhood days we used to have this kind of candy with the same color, size and that it tasted sour. 
1 token: 40 baht
MRT minimum fare: 20 baht - Airport to Pratunam: 40 baht

A nice view of the city of Bangkok at A2 House.

Address: Address: 21/5, 1stFloor, Juladis Tower, Petchburi 19, Phayathai, Rachatevee, Pathumwan, 10400 Bangkok
5 days = 5,200 baht

It was more like a condominium than a hotel and the advantage of staying there is that when you head down you're just a few minutes away from the market. My cousin was our official tour guide for our stay in Bangkok first, we checked out Baiyoken Hotel which is just around the corner , it's the tallest hotel in Bangkok around 85-storey- that's a long way up there. McDonalds is near too, a few minutes away from our place with Ronald doing the famous hand gesture of Thailand, and we also passed by this temple where you can hang some bells, have your name printed on it and in the process my cousin told me you can actually pray or make a wish. It is pretty interesting for our first night and you bet it gets better for the next days that came along.

Late night roaming around Pratunam Night Market we brought:
Mangosteen 1/2 kilo:40baht (Amazing! Mangosteen sold per kilo in the Philippines is around 168 pesos, which means it is 4 times cheaper in Bangkok and that equates to more cravings on my list, so it became immediately my daily fruit during my vacation).
Don't forget to buy a bottle of Water-1.5 ml at 7 Eleven: 13 baht


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