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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bangkok Night Food Bazaar, Thailand

Night Food Bazaar

The fun does not end at night in the busy streets of Bangkok. Food Bazaar is extremely popular here and people flock to these places to dine and do some shopping spree. I on the other hand prefer the first option. I'm always a fan of eating a variety of foods from different countries. I have the passion to try all kinds of things and food in the world. 

Vacation checklist:
-a bag of 10 baht bills
-light meal lunch
-loose top/ maternity dress
-body bag to freely manoeuvre every food on hand 
-short shorts to divert peoples attention away from your stomach
-big appetite
-spicy tolerance
My attention was caught with these colorful appetizers and seeing me daze with it's cute colors and shapes, the vendor decided to give me a free taste! What I said about being friendly? It gets you in many ways possible. However, the sushi person was annoyed with my eye-watering gaze at his goods, I guess no free sushi for me tonight. Business is business as what they said. I was aiming for the real food and that's the grilled foods around the corner.

Grilled food craving? Check. My taste buds was dancing in the moonlight and then I saw this rocker dude cat which even made my night more enjoyable. The food bazaar was located near the sports stadium and that's where we dropped by for a visit in the comfort room. Another surprise awaits me as I enter the room, the pink cartoon character tickled every part of my being. We had a good laugh that lasted for hours.  I've never seen something like that before and my mind was just laughing hard with my ignorance.

We rode the Bus for 8 baht going to our next food bazaar destination. The MRT or they preferably call it BTS in Thailand cost approximately 20 baht, depending on your desired location. Riding the bus was totally unsafe we were in a standing position, the door was opened and I bet the passenger limit exceeded as well. 

Bangkok is surely a food haven for food junkies out there. The Night Food Bazaar at Ramkamheng Soi 65, Bangkok was exhilarating and stomach-bursting experience. A variety of street foods were sold from one tent to the other. It was a mind boggling night, all the foods arrange neatly all looked delicious and inviting.

A few prices I remembered : 

Squid Cutlet- 10 baht, Sticky Rice- 5 baht and Buko Juice- 20 baht. Street Food prices range from 10-50 baht

My favorites: ^___^
Small Squid-  stuffed with egg -10 baht
Mushroom with Bacon with chili sauce-10 baht

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