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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn, Bangkok Thailand

Sunset by the River

Temple of the Dawn  or Wat Arun/Wat Chaeng  is located next to the Grand Palace at the west side of Chao Phraya River. Wear proper dress code when you visit this temple, same goes with Grand Palace to avoid renting clothes which are unnecessary for your budget list. Before we had our trip I've already researched some places in Bangkok that people suggest to be breathtaking. One place that describe beauty was seeing the sunset at the Wat Arun temple. I've always been a huge fan of sunset and having a part of it  in my itinerary is a must.

Vacation Checklist:

-good pair of comfy shoes
-cotton clothes (observed temple rules)
-sun glasses
-bottled water
-hat/umbrella/a box/ a leaf/ a plywood/ ceiling
-bottled water - again! , bottled water

How to get there:
Take a taxi to the Tha Tien  Pier at the Rattanakosin side.It's a walking distance away from Grand Palace and Wat Pho Temple. 
River Ferry one way fare : 3 baht
Wat Arun Entrance Fee: 120 baht

While we were at the Tha Tien Pier I looked around and found something unexpected. A Different kind of sling shots was in store for 50 baht. It reminds me of my childhood days when I tag along with my big brother or my cousins and we shot anything we find. I'm really not a shooter but they would always let me try and cheered when I've almost made the stone fly. Precious memories that makes me smile once in a while.

I peered into the gate and tried to see what exciting activities happening inside. I've observed that It's quite a long climb in the temple so better equipped yourself with comfortable clothes and shoes. However, we we're not wearing proper temple clothes, I thought they are not that strict just like in Wat Pho. Besides, we're running out of cash too much food trip last night is now haunting our day. Unfortunately, my sunset moment in the temple did not happen as planned,yet, we had a relaxing time in the cafe just outside the temple. People have coffee here while watching people from the temple's inclined stairs. These people are striving hard to climb while maintaining their balance by holding on to the sides or on the edge of each step ahead of them. It's actually what I wanted to be doing at that very moment, but my companions are tired and just wanted to sit down. I'm exhausted as well yet I always have this energy if I put my mind to it. 

Cute decorations neatly place around the cafe.

It wasn't that bad sitting around, We watched the day fade and let the shadows grew longer. The Chao Phraya river was still and serene when we decided to go back to the ferry terminal. Then the most unexpected thing happened, the one thing I've wanted to see, the sun set as we sail away. Its not exactly what I wanted but overall its more than I expected. The Sunset along the Chao Phraya River, overlooking the Wat Arun Temple was exceptional. A brief moment of " ahh", "wow" and "hhmm" was all it takes to take my disappointments away. 

Sometimes plans don't go accordingly and yet the most unforgettable moments are the once that's not even in the checklist. I learned that if plans go wrong you can either be upset or just laugh about it. At the end of the day your plans still gone wrong , so might as well just laugh about it. Good things follow if you're in a good mood. 


  1. Your Bangkok, Thailand trip planning is great dude...I will surely use it for planning my next trip to Thailand with Thailand trip planner

    1. Hey Pooja! Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it. Check out my Thailand Itinerary as well.

    2. Your Thailand trip itinerary is planned in best way..It will help me for my trip to Thailand


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