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Friday, August 30, 2013

Danasan Eco Adventure Park, Cebu Philippines

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

is located in the mountain tops of Baranggay Danasan, Danao City Cebu Philippines. The park is approximately an hour away from Danao City. 

Vacation Checklist:
-rash guard
-board shorts
-sunglasses while waiting for your turn
-extra clothing for changing
-keep this motto with you: Patience is a Virtue
-bend your knee and hold on tight!

How to get there:
The jeepney for Danao is located near North Atrium, M.C. Briones Corner A.S Fortuna Sts, Highway, Mandaue City. A lot of them are park in that area or pass by the road. Hi-way to Danao Market Jeepney Fare: 25 php. To make sure you're on the right vehicle ask the Driver/ Fare Conductor for validation, then ask nicely to drop you at Danao Public Market. From Danao Public Market you can hire motorcycles to take you to Danasan Eco Park. 

Motorcycle/ Habal-Habal Fare: 100 php
Travel time: 1 hour 

It is advisable for a group to rent a car or van to have a hassle free ride. Taking a motorcycle will take longer due to bumpy roads; and the scorching sun will not be good for the skin leaving you a treacherous trip to the park. We were lucky to have a good deal with a multicab driver. However, we didn't know he was also delivering goods in towns along the way. We have noticed it when we stop over variety of stores and he always came out with a huge sack on his back, he then loads it on top of our vehicle. The delivery took plenty of our precious time. We were already feeling anxious of not making it on time for the wakeboarding activity and the amount of time going back to the city.

Meanwhile, the harmful elements of backpacking start to unfold. The dust from the rocky road, plenty of road bumps, carbon monoxide emissions from the vehicle and the sweat from the hot weather reminds me of why I love travelling. I've always been fascinated of going to places far away from home. I certainly believe that adventure waits in every turn of the road. One friend of mine who came along was feeling the same thing. It's nice to know someone who has the same interest and is not bothered by uncomfortable elements of travel. 

Seeing the sign of Danasan Eco Adventure sparks the energy within my colleagues and we jumped off the vehicle with sheer excitement. It's the moment where people's mood turns bright and jolly from gloomy and sleepy that makes the travel worthwhile. The lobby welcomes everyone with a list of activities inside the park. I was immediately specific with my activity and that's to try wakeboarding.

Entrance Fee: 50 php

What I love about the day is that we had a free horseback ride which we devour with taking lots of pictures, because we weren't allowed to move him around unless we pay. They have a lot of activities in the list which was impossible for us do everything that day, so we've planned right away to come back and do all the fun stuffs next time.

They have a chill out spot where you can wait for your turn and watch people fall and some acrobatic falls. We had the beginners’ lane and the beginners’ board. The bathroom like slippers attached to a heavy version of a skateboard was not really that appealing. In contrast to that, the advanced board which was visibly new and is more reliable looking than our board was only for the advanced level. The bathroom slipper was big enough for Shrek's feet to fit in. I was having a terrible time keeping both feet glued in the board while I was out there in the water. We also had a very short lecture and demonstration from the guy in-charge of our activity to somehow justify the paper we signed that we were fully brief of our safety. A very few words came out from the facilitator's demo for the reason that everything you need to learn is out there in the water. I realized that when I was already drag while holding on to a bar and trying to balance the board in the water.

The adrenaline was pumping all my brain cells and muscle coordination to work hand in hand to withstand the force of water against my board. After a series of downfalls I was able to grasp of staying on board. I was laughing hard and shouting when I made it even longer than I expected. I didn't mind the septic water splashing and drowning my mouth with bacteria. I was having a blast! In order to keep myself above water, I kept in mind to bend my knees all the way, which was the only helpful advice I remember from the short lecture. They said "don't fight the current, ride the waves." I guessed that simply applies in surfing because in wakeboarding you need to restraint the water using the board to keep your body above water. Besides there is no natural or man-made wave in wakeboarding, you create the splashing spree when you're being pulled by the wire attached to the bar you’re holding on.
It really pays off if you get there in the morning while for us we arrived in the afternoon. It was a weekend so we expected a crowd queuing for this activity. The wakeboarding stated in the price list was good for two hours. I was dismayed by the controller, he's the one in-charge with controlling the speed of how you're being drag in the water.  Another big group was waiting for their turn so he decided to speed things up. My friend angrily showed her irritation, puzzled at her reaction when it was my turn to the board. I immediately understand her frustration usually the controller gives us a few seconds to retrieve the board and position ourselves. But this time after he sees us with our feet on the board and still trying to grip firmly on the bar he immediately pulls you on full throttle. When we tried again for another round he intentionally slows down the pull so we get off balance. My friend was pissed off, good thing we were able to calm her down. As for me, my challenged ego was on full force as well. I tried hard to maintain my knees bend and made sure my hand grip was crying out for no mercy. I was turning something negative to a challenging situation that keeps my mind from losing control. I don't want to ruin a great day so might as well go with the tide of things. Anger Management tip for those struggling to maintain composure during irritating moments.

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