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Monday, August 12, 2013

Ice Cream Street Stall in Singapore

Ice Cream Time!
I've always been in love with ice cream and Singapore street ice cream is definitely on my list of favorite treats.

There's something about ice cream that cheers me up when it starts to melts in my mouth. The glucose does serve its purpose to energize human beings, to power up their system and most especially during a mood swing. I've read somewhere that eating desserts will release happy hormones called serotonin. A kind of hormone that lowers down stress in our body that enables us to feel better. Does it mean I'm a stress absorbent or I'm just feeding my sweet tooth by heart? Either way I'm a number one fan of ice cream. 

Ice cream also reminds me of my favorite movie which a lot of my friends considered boring. They can't even finish half way of the movie but we all have preferences and some people love it as much as I do. Anyways, it's entitled "Under the Tuscan Sun." In the movie, a lady named Katherine said that "never lose your childish enthusiasm it's the most important thing." Now that I ponder about the movie this prominent character loves ice cream.  I'm not saying having an ice cream instills the child in us right away but somehow it can help bring out the happy sensation we had when we were young. So grab a $1 dollar ice cream when you pass these stalls in the streets and I hope it can put a smile on your face as it always does to me. Share the love and treat a friend it will make the experience sweeter. 

It was surprisingly inexpensive and very delicious too! Look around for a dollar, ask a friend or dig in to your coin purse because this ice cream is worth craving for. For S$1 you can already enjoy a mouth-watering ice cream, it comes in different flavors and serve in a soap-bar-like shape and handed down either with wafer, bread or simply the ice cream. The wafer and bread are optional and does not cost a penny. What a splendid treat! After an exhausting city tour, busy day at work or just craving for a snack, drop by and say hello to uncle and have yourself a treat. I preferred the stand at Orchard Road near Takashimaya Mall.

$1 Ice Cream Stalls spotted in Singapore:

1. Orchard Road - Walls (in front of Takashimaya Mall)
2. Orchard Road - King's (near Lucky Plaza and the road to Mt. Elizabeth Hospital)
3. Clark Quay - Near Riverpoint Bridge and 7'11
4. Searching for more stalls


  1. It was surprisingly inexpensive and very delicious too.........
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    1. I toally agree with you John! At least there's still something cheap to buy in Singapore. Ahahaa

      Tnx for droping by.


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