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Friday, August 2, 2013

Painting like a Mindless Bird

A vacation does not only mean physically away from home, you can still actually travel through your mind. This idea perhaps sound absurd but not to me. The type of activity which transports your mind to a different dimension is the art of painting. It can take you to places where your imagination can run wild and free, like a mindless bird heading nowhere. Before I took the ride with the bird I hovered through my memories of the past and I reminisce how art has influenced my life.

It's been awhile since I've been around brushes; the variety of kind laid in front of me amazes the artist in me. It is quite funny if I would address myself that way; I'm totally an amateur and with no background degree in arts. However, I've always been a fan of painting and my favorites are sunsets and beaches.

I remembered when I was young my drawing would always be picked out as the best in class, and I would be the class representative for the drawing contest in all sections. I would always flaunt my genuine smile with my incomplete set of teeth when my name is called, at that time my favorite piece of art was mermaids. I'm actually a huge fan of the movie "The Little Mermaid," I would watched it over and over again and it inspired me to draw mermaids all the way in my elementary years. Although I was pretty good with my mermaid art, during one contest my mother suggested that I should try nature theme drawings. I did exactly what she said and eventually won second place, it broke my heart to pieces, so when I had the chance to compete again I kept in mind to draw my mermaid specialty. I've won some awards afterwards but I've never tasted first place again. During my high school years it literally ended my passion for drawing. College years fired up my passion again but the wrong choice of course made it disappear once again. My parents forced me to take this particular course for it will then be beneficial for my future. I was like a flaming torch, fired up and ready to light up my way then an uncaring bucket of water ate the fire in me. I was lonely to let it go hence, since then my college days felt wrong for four years. It even got worse when I graduated because the course I've took was not the right one for me the jobs I had was excruciatingly painful. To wake up everyday feeling restless and force to make a living out of something you hated is the worst feeling. However, once I got the hang of it, the dreaded felling becomes numb and I'd worked all day like a mad robot.

Now that I sit around the corner and thanks to my brother set of painting materials, it made me want to paint again. I may not be an establish artist but I don't mind.

Painting is for everyone, age, color or race doesn't even matter, as long as you like to paint then the canvas is yours. It doesn't have to be pleasing to the eyes, with perfect color combinations and proper brush strokes. This is what I love about art; it is free like a mindless bird and an endless travel with your imagination waits every time you held that brush in the canvas.

Thanks to YouTube post by gagnonstudio and bubzbeauty. I've learned some cool ways to brush once more and most importantly I'm painting once again.

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