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Friday, February 21, 2014

Cambodia Itinerary Trip

Cambodia Vacation Travel Tips
( Phnom Penh-Siem Reap )

Short Trip Budget: S$300 = 900,000 Riel 

FIRST DAY - Saturday
Accomodation : Lazy Gecko Cafe & Guesthouse, #1d, street 258. (2days Room - $20)
Airport to Gecko- tuk2/taxi $5 - 30 mins
Lunch/Snack Meal -$3/$6

TOUR Phnom Penn tourist spots:
1. Guesthouse 4pm - 5mins away from Central Market (Phar Thmei) 
Opening hrs: 5-5pm
Location: meeting point of Kampuchea and Street 63
(SouthW door to bus , northW to taxi)
2. Boat ride Tonle Sap and mekong river
From Central Market 
-go/take cruise boat to Sisowath Quay, takes 2.5hrs per round trip Or hire tuktuk to japanese bridge and take ferry
-$20 plus $1 dock entry fee
Brings snacks and drinks
Koh Dach 15km north 
How to get there: One of the best ways to access Mekong Island is to take a cruise boat from Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh. It usually takes 2.5 hours per round trip, and the cruise will include visiting the handicraft centre at Koh Dach, sunset views and Khmer snacks. Alternatively, you can hire a tuk-tuk from the city to the Japanese Bridge, from where you can continue your journey to the island by ferry
3. If tuk2 - tour choueng ek killing fields/tuol sleng/russian market -$15
Yej Café - outside of the Russian Markets towards the back. Staff/cafe is done up in purple and yellow.
5. Night Market - Tour/Shop/Buy Souvenirs/foodtrip
Street 106 and 108
Reminders: Secure bags
10pm - Lazy Gecko is about 5 minutes by tuktuk from the Giant Ibis bus station
11 pm night bus - book ahead online ticket 
Price: $12-15
Travel time: 6-7 hours
6am- Siem Reap 
Bus station to Angkor Wat
sunrise sunset before 5am/5pm 
Breakfast $3-$10
Whole Day Angkor Wat Tour
Entrance Fee: $20
Wear aladdin pants/maxi dress
Rent bicycle $12?

5pm Angkor Wat Sunset
6pm Nightlife & Dinner @ PUB Street
Angkot Wat to PUB Street:
Check out: Angkor What Bar - backpackers bar
Best ice cream: blue pumpkin
Red Piano resto -try Tomb Raiderdrink (cointreau, lime and tonic)
1030pm Night Bus - Giant Ibis
PUB to Bus Station : less than 15 mins
Location:  #252 near Old Market(Phsar Chas)

THIRD DAY - Monday 
Time frame: 9 - 5pm
6am - arrival Lazy Gecko Guesthouse 
930Am Pick up for bear keeper a day Phnom tamao wildlife rescue center
Address : National road 2, trapang sap commune, bati district, takeo province
Travel time: 45 mins from city.
Fee -$65 (feed,cuddle,lunch)
Reminders: Airport by 4pm
Flight Departure: 5pm 
Vacation Checklist:
1st day -tshirt & shorts rubbershoes
2nd Day- Maxi/dress
3rd day- Shorts 
Bikini? Ahahaa
Must Try Food: $2-$10
Bai sach chrouk -pork and rice
Fish amok - fish mousse
Khmer red curry 
Lap khmer : lime-marinated khmer beef salad -resto
Nom banh chok- khmer noodles ( vendors carry in baskets) breakfast food
Kdam Chaa : fried crab
Must try-Stir fried red tree ants with beef and holy basil
Ang dtray-meuk : grilled squid
Cha houy teuk-jelly dessert -street
Fried fish on the fire lake-resto
Khmer words:
Thank you - saum arkoun anak
T'lai nas -so expensive
Stop -chop
Turn left -bot ch'wayng
Turn right -dtou dtrong
Turn back- dtou grao-ee
Delicious - Chgañe nah!
Goodbye - Lea huey
Motortaxi - 1500-3k riel
Taxi - 3k-5k riel
5mins away-$1=5k-6k riel
(Phnom Penh) 8k-10k from russian market to riverside/one end of city -daytime
Or $2 per hour if driver waiting a lot

Plan B going to Siem Reap: River/Night Bus
-Phnom Penh Travel to lake , Tom Le Sap to Siam Reap 
-Take Taxi from PNH Airport Arrival Terminal to the newest Mekong Express Office/Departure Point.1435 bus

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