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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flow Rider at the Wave House Sentosa, Singapore

Ride the Flow

Vacation Checklist:
-board shorts
-rash guard
-waterproof camera
-big smile
-huge laughs
-having a fatty buttom helps too! ahahaa
Optional: salonpas/kefentech plaster

My friend just bought us two VIP tickets for the Wave House chill out party in Sentosa. I was hesitant to say yes when she first asked me I've been going through a great deal of money problem for the past few months and I don't to spend much. Then while I was typing all these characters in the keyboard and seeing all the work I've done, and all the things I've haven't finish yet I came to a realization. It came to me that I've been working so hard like a mafia member planning out his kill and even howling like a wild dog with all the busy work I'm facing, and I said no for fun? I've read recently that when someone considers work a priority it only means he should start panicking because stress is eating him whole. I don't want to be that kind of person and never will be. I immediately text my friend and she excited booked the ticket for us. Thank you Vermz. Mwah! I'm blessed. I was able to find a few friends who has the same feathers as mine.  

We were actually planning to go dragon boating that day, funny me! I totally forgot about that. Its crystal clear to me now, I will never be that person whose life revolves around work. So I guess it doesn't make me less of a person because I hesitate for the Wave House event because my hands were already full on that day. The real plan for that was to wake up early to moved my things to my new house and do the dragon boating activity in the afternoon. However, due to bad weather with heavy rain shower and thunderstorm the dragon boat event we've been waiting since last month was cancelled. It clearly shows that everything happens for a reason. Good thing I said yes to Wave House or else my weekend would have ended dull. So I changed my plans and moved my things out  in the afternoon instead. It turned out pretty well because I was able to packed all my things with a one shot taxi fare to my new place. The call to cancel the dragon boat activity by the organizer was tough , most of the people who RSVP was already excited and even made sure to marked their calendars for that day including me. Its a fact that when mother nature says no everyone bows down and say thanks. The weather was totally uncooperative that day, the  rainfall was beyond count and the taxi driver's viewpoint almost came to zero visibility. I was worried that our Wave House VIP tickets will be a waste due to bad weather. The taxi driver even noticed our smiles fade to a thin line and he sweetly assures as that the weather will be fine after a few hours. The weather did turned out good after a few hours with less rainfall. I was beaming with excitement and the black eyed peas song started singing in my ecstatic mind "i gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night." 

The place wasn't jam packed with party people. The rain has caged in a lot of them in their houses, it only means they don't have this strong party spirit with them, peace man! Or they're smart enough to stay safe at home. The free flow of bourbon drink was over when we got there, I've never tried it and I was really curious how it taste like. Too bad. The good news is that the free flow of Mexican snacks was still up for grabs: nachos, burrito's, quesadillas, etc. Nothing beats a great Mexican food on a rainy day. I've been dreaming of heading to Mexico or any South American country that serves authentic burritos and quesadillas , with me wearing a red off shoulder top alongside my hubby. A little taste of my bucket list. 

Going back. What made two weary ladies brave enough to party on an evening rain shower was all due to this activity. An hour of flow rider! "I'm living in the moment, I'm living my Life" here goes Jason Mraz singing inside my heart. I've been eyeing this blue, gigantic, air filled bed for such a long time. The time has come for me to test my endurance and determination. We had a little snack of everything that was prepared in the Mexican inspired buffet and immediately head out for our turn in the rider. 

The instructors were friendly enough to tolerate all our funny grumbling about our frequent fall offs and hitting the water like a rolling ball. For a first timer I did justice to the name and fell a few number of times , but I always have this smile plastered on my face. As what they say it's an endless journey so laugh hard every time you pick yourself up from a fall. I was literally enjoying hitting the water butt first, sideways and even front row. I'm amazed I wasn't that frustrated after a series of fall backs but then I've studied all my mistakes and learned from it. I was using the wrong leg for support, the dominant leg should be on the back side while your other leg does the control of direction. If I remembered correctly in order to move sideways point your toes or heels on either left or right while keeping your back straight. To move forward lean a little bit forward with a slightly bent knees. On the other hand, a straight back with a firm leg support at the edge of the board allows you to maintain balance at a steady perimeter.

I wasn't expecting much for my performance in the flow rider, having pure fun was on my top priority. However, the continuous flushed of water in my face flourish this happy energy of burning desire to stand on that board. The feeling was overwhelming and it totally rock my night away. The day ended pretty well with a few bruises and a muscle sore which is going to get worst after a day. It's definitely worth it. No pain means No gain! 

Normal Rates: $35-$40 per hour
Location:  36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099007
Wave Desk Hotline:  +65 6238 1196

How to get there:

MRT: Take the Purple line train going to Harbourfront, head to Vivo City Mall then take the nearest escalators going to 4th floor. Near the Sentosa counter take the monorail going to Sentosa island , alight at the beach station then take the tram to Siloso Beach. 

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