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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Light Marina Bay, Singapore

deLIGHTful Night

My friend invited me to check out the light craze happening at Marina Bay Sands. It was deLIGHTful place to be at night. The colors were eye candy and the people's eyes were beaming with wonder. 
They have this blue lighted wish tree then you can ask for a long paper with colored blue lights to write you wishes or anything under the moon. The tree shows that there are a lot of people still dreaming of their dreams to come true. I'll try hard to reach my hearts desire. A few steps away is the construction  theme, it gives you an idea that without these guys working their sweat out Singapore will never look this productive. These are the people who made all the buildings and infrastructure you see around you in Singapore possible. A tribute for the hard working men out there. 

A fire dance will spice up your night as you walk along. Courageous and Dangerous fire dance moves will entertain you all throughout the show. A few numbers of heart shaped air vest was pasted on a wide board where you can press a button in the middle of it to light it up. It makes you want to turn of all the light and with the speed of light turn on everything back all together. I tried that and it was as funny as it can be. We also passed by water sprinklers floating in the air. It was a funny site knowing that a lot of people especially the kids don't know anything about it. It made me feel smarter than a school grader.

The amazing part of the I Light Marina Bay event was this part. My favorite! I sweated and jumped like I've never jump before. A nth number of colorful circle pathway automatically pulled out the child in me. Everytime you stepped on the circle a variety of colors appeared and it makes you want to jump more and more to turn everything around in the same shade. I moved from one circle to another like a frog with itchy toes. It was so much fun and to avoid being labelled as a silly adult bring along a friend of yours who'se as flexible as the colors. 

An LED lighted piano man brought a longing smile on my face. It reminded me of the first and last time I played a piano piece in front a crowd. Cherished memories. The makansutra is just a few minutes  away so we had our dinner there. I ordered my all time favorite prawn mee to end the night with a happy stomach. I thought I've seen all the creative lights but just behind the food stalls was a surprise, a decorated high cotton like bulbs was planted by a light genius. As we looked closer it was all plastic water bottles shredded in a creative way and place in a bun to create a massive ball of light. It was like in the movie "Lorax" if I remembered the title correctly.
The I Light Marina Bay is still up and running according to my research. Here's some info about the event:
Date: March 7-30, 2014 
Time: 7:30pm-11:30pm
Marina Bay Waterfront
Free Admission

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