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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Siem Reap Day Tour , Cambodia

Angkor Wat Temple of Siem Reap, Cambodia 

Vacation Checklist: 
- comfortable footwear 
- baggy/aladdin pants 
- flying carpet joke! Ahahaa 
- sunblock? 
- hat/cap
- gallons of water 
- sunglasses (esp. for those people who took the night bus ride) 
- deodorant!
- camera with spare batteries or films if you're using the old school camera. For me no need to bring flash the lighting in and out of the temples are perfect. Besides I don't have that kind of gadget so what do I know right?! I use flashlight for my camera's natural effect ahahaa
- tuktuk ride
- don't forget to wear your I ❤️ Cambodia Tshirt 

For the past few months a friend of mine we're just talking about the ruins of Angkor Wat and all the amazing historical sites on earth.  Angkor Wat was never been on my bucketlist but I've been fascinated of the idea of going to Cambodia and seeing the majestic architecture in person. Then one day I was able to purchased an unplanned promo tickets and I'm so glad I did. As what I read in an instagram account "Book a ticket and just Leave." I thought to myself Cambodia here I come! Right away after a few days from the new year's countdown I fly to Cambodia with all smiles.

My friend joined me in this travel and the moment we arrived in the country on the very first night we took a bus ride to Siem Reap. We took the Giant night bus ride in Phnom Pehn around 22:00 , arriving at 06:00 the next day in Siem Reap. The plan of seeing the sunrise in Angkor Wat was beyond our control it takes 6-7 hours of travel to get there from Phnom Penh. 

Reminder: Book night bus ticket online to avoid the queue and fully booked hassle. It was just recently that night buses were available due to popular demand of tourist going around Cambodia in a time management pace. 

6AM Siem Reap 

We arrived in the city greeted with huge smiles from the tuktuk drivers. A good deal was made with one of the drivers for $40 providing a whole day tour of the ruins of Angkor Wat. Old school transportation always wins a backpacker. The driver agreed to take us to the famous sites and he would patiently wait for us by the corner of the entry way or in the parking area. At the end of every stopover we always find him so relax with his feet dangling in his nylon made hammock. 

Ta Prohm "Tomb Raider" Film Location

Whole Day Angkor Wat Tour
Entrance Fee: $20
They also offer 2-3days access for $40-$60?

The entry way to the first site of Angkor Wat has a few restaurants/cafeteria that serves good meals, good enough to fuel you with energy for a temple run challenge. Breakfast meal ranges from $3-$10. 
Tourist are encourage to wear proper clothing, if you're worried about your fashion statement then wear aladdin pants or a maxi dress. I chose the laid-back aladdin pants and my cotton top with comfortable slippers. 
I was actually planning to roam around the temple in a bicycle if it weren't for our tuktuk ride. The bicycle rental was nowhere in sight too, in my research it cost maybe around $12. If you have more than 2 days access to the temple then why not rent a bicycle on the next day. 
I guess having a tuktuk wait for us was not that bad because each historical sites were far from each other. 

It was amazing! What more can I say. The breathtaking view on one of the temples was a must to see. The grandeur architectural design of Angkor Wat is something we don't have in this century. The intricate designs of each corner and passageway was done with intensive commitment and passion. The Angkor Wat symbolizes how humans surpass creating impossible structures, same goes with the Ancient Pyramids, Machu Pichu and all unbelievable human creations in the planet. They were able to build a magestic structure with less mechanical help with an impressive outcome. Real art intoxicated of hardwork and dedication, and there you go The Angkor Wat of Cambodia. 
We roamed around the ruins like children in a playground. Up in here, Up in there. 
The sunrise we've planned was deleted from our day plan however the sunset was still up for grab. When we figured out we still have time to see the sunset, our tuktuk driver suggested we head to a hill named ?? It was a steep hike going to the hill but you wont feel that tired because the view is great and a big crowd accompanies you all the way. 

The sunset was a spectacular view especially watching it on the rooftop of a temple. People flocked the area just to see the sun slowly makes its way from the horizon, all eyes were fixed in the west on that brightly lit ball of fire. There's something about sunset that puts people at ease: it's like a delightful feeling of a warmth hug or a gentle aromatic tea/coffee/beer/wine that simply creates a curve line in someone's face. 
We were exhausted at the end of the day yet we still have time to make our way to the nightlife capital of Siem Reap. Our accommodating tuktuk driver pass by our night bus station before heading to PUB Street. It was just a walking distance from the Night Market which is just around the corner of PUB street. 

We had dinner at this affordable outdoor restaurant. You can see the chef cooking outside just  along the street with a hat! How cool is that?! It was delicious and the prices ranges from $10-$20. Better have dinner here if you're looking for a good meal with a fair price. 

Nightlife & Dinner @ PUB Street
Angkot Wat to PUB Street: 30-45 minutes , depends with the traffic.

Check out: Angkor What? Bar, a must-see for every backpackers out there in Cambodia! 

We roamed around PUB street and searched for the Blue Pumpkin, it was said that they sell the best ice cream in town. Ice cream prices ranges from $7-$10.

I was planning to check out Red Piano resto, a place famous for their Tomb Raider drink, a mixed of cointreau, lime and tonic (whatever those two are but lime sounds good to me). However, we run out of time so if you're going to PUB Street in Cambodia better check out this resto and tell me about it. We had to rushed before 1030pm to catch our night bus and head back to Phnom Penh for our Bear keeper a Day activity. 

NIGHT BUS back to Phnom Penh (booked online $13-$15)
PUB to Giant Ibis Bus Station : less than 15 mins walk. 
Location:  #252 near Old Market(Phsar Chas), a few metres away from Russian Market. 


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