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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Trip

Budget: S$150 = 300 RM

First Day
Vacation Checklist: road trip
- ringgit bills for snacks along the road
- finger foods 
- neck pillow, to avoid stiff neck
- jacket , the air conditioned sometimes goes full blast
- sunglasses
- music player , play happy songs that makes you feel alive 
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bus Fare: S$30
Travel time: 4 hours or more 

My friend purchased ahead of time our bus tickets from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The bus picked us up at Golden Mile Complex which is located a few metres away from Bugis and Nicoll Highway. We took the 0730 bus schedule bound for KL. I had to wake up so darn early for the trip, the same time I go to work everyday. I have to leave the comfort of my roommate's pillow and my favorite polka dot blanket early again. I guess my good night sleep checklist will remain unchecked in my healthy lifestyle agenda. No worries, I'll be able to do all my sleeping days when I'm old ahahaa.  Silly me, now I know why old folks sleeps all day long and they never get tired of it- the body says "Payback time!" 

Exactly 0800 we were already on our way to TUAS Checkpoint to have our passport stamp. It was around 0920 when we finished all the necessary things to be done in the checkpoints , then we were on our way to Kuala Lumpur. Only a few passengers were on board so when we saw that the front row seats were unoccupied we immediately transferred our bags. It had a great view of the road, trees and all ,its as if we were driving our own wheels. After two hours of travelling on the road we got a chance to have our bladder break and grab a snack. They have this mini stores parked near the comfort rooms. I bought a sliced guava fruit sprinkled with "Assam", a malay powder that has a distinct taste of sweetness and a mixture of tea?. It was refreshing and delicious for a hot weather on the road. We travelled for another two more hours then the bus stopped at Kuala Lumpur Time Square Mall. A 9-storey level mall packed with a variety of boutiques selling cheap clothes and all. I bought a new pair of shoes at a price of 45 RM=S$20 , not that bad. There's a food court inside the mall where you can have a nice meal to fill in your stomach. They sell swipe cards to bill you for your meal and the excess money deposited in the cards is then refunded as cash.

KL to Genting Highlands, Malaysia 
Kuala Lumpur Times Square to PUDU Terminal is less than 30 minutes away, depending on the traffic. It took us more than the said travel time because of the traffic jam. Taxi fare: 10-15 RM

PUDU Terminal to Genting Highlands
Bus Fare: 10 RM 
Travel time: 1 hour

Reminders: We bought ahead of time for our return ticket to Singapore to avoid the hassle of queuing and fully booked buses. 
Ticket Price: 40 RM

Genting reminds of Baguio, the summer capital region of Philippines. A province in my country that exactly has the same cold weather. The view of the mountains from our resort was beautiful and serene.

Vacation Checklist:
-thick Jacket
-bonnet, winter socks 
Optional: mittens or bring along your pot holder?! Ahahaa
-3 in 1 coffee sachet, there's an available water dispenser inside the hotel. 
-wear closed shoes 
We stayed in First World Hotel, one of the three hotels in Genting highlands. My friend's family is a loyal casino member and they earned points for every visit they made. The sum of points deposited in their card is converted then to a free stay in the hotel. Lucky me! We arrived in Genting fully covered and ready to face the cold, windy weather. To beat the cold we had a steamboat Dinner buffet at Hot Pot Restaurant for RM30 (S$15). I went to bed tired, sleepy and sheepishly satisfied, nothing compares to a freshly cooked dinner in the mountains. 

Second Day
We woke up early to have our breakfast my friends mum offered to pay the bill for the most important meal of the day. What a great treat to start a great day. We had a good deal with a taxi cab driver for 70 RM, where he would wait for us while we check out Batu Cave and finally dropping us at Kuala Lumpur. Genting Resort is an hour away from Batu Cave so we woke up early for breakfast.

No entrance fee.

Batu Cave is an Indian temple situated inside a magestic cave. I've never been a fan of temples but I'm always curious about it. We climb 285 steps to reach the top and saw amazing rock formations. The cave makes the temple interesting which makes praying inside seemed more intimate and a deeper connection with nature. 

The taxi driver patiently waited for us and he drove around 30-45 minutes heading to the city. We took some shots of the Petronas tower before getting on the MRT to shop at Kuala Lumpur Times Square. 

Our friend told us that Central Market is a great place to shop for souvenirs. The MRT is right infront of KL Times Square so going to Central Market was not that difficult. As we were browsing for more good stuff to buy we had a little snack. The name of the store was Shimino and they're selling Japanese crepes. It was unbelievably delicious! I didn't expect it to be that good at all. I've realized something about myself I'm such a crepes seeker and eater. When I was in Boracay I did try one in Tribals and it was so good and even in Thailand's street food market was such a treat as well. However, little did we know that preparing the crepes took longer than expected and after we ate like hungry reptiles we rushed back to the bus station to catch our bus back to Genting. 
We bought our tickets at KL Central
KL to Genting fare: 10.30 RM, Travel time: 1 hour or more

We arrived in the hotel feeling exhausted and happy. The cable ride was spooky knowing you're travelling inside a small box in the mountains with only the cables holding you up to keep you from falling. A short night walk before heading to our room. It was Casino night after a long bustling day around the city of Kuala Lumpur. It was time to make some money, as what I've always seen in movies. My friend's mum helped me register for my casino/resorts world card, so everytime I play I can earn points which is redeemable with every room/food purchase. I played like a kid waiting for a candy to drop in the slot machine. I won a few dollars but decided to play along till my allotted casino money drained. Its how its suppose to be in casino's you let the machine eat up all your money and for what?! I guess I didn't catch the casino fever virus where it allows you to waste money and sit around like robots moving the same lever again and again. It only means I'm just the outdoor person who loves to get wild and crazy and dirty ahahaa. 

Third Day
A countryside tour taxi cab charges 60-80 RM for 2 hours tour, the tour includes the following: flower garden, strawberry and mushroom farm, chocolate factory and an overlooking chinese temple. 
Going back to Singapore was no hassle because the bus station and the tickets are sold just outside the hotels vicinity. 
Direct bus from Genting to SG
bus fare: 40 RM (only 2 bus schedule-1030/1330 for Starmart Bus Liner).

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us . Batu Cave always attracts Tourists . Singapore Malaysia tour package

    1. Indeed! The cave hold such wonders and it's a great spot for the temple too.

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    1. hey shiv kumar!

      You got that right. Both countries offers great food and exciting activities. A must visit in Asia!

  3. Wow, great Malaysia and Sigapore Tour. Hope I can visit these country in some day.
    KLIA airport transfers

    1. HelloHearn, I hope that one day is this year, make it happen! Drop me an email then maybe you can be my guest blogger. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!


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