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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alcoy, Cebu Philippines

Beach Haven!

How to get there:

Cebu South Bus Terminal
Cebu City to Alcoy 
Bus fare: 150 php
Travel time: 3-4 hrs 

Wait for the bus along the road
Alcoy to Cebu City 
Bus Fare: 150 php
Travel time: 4-5 hrs ( depends on the traffic)

Vacation Checklist:
- bikini
- beer?
- sarong/mat
- camera 
- sunglasses
- brunch/lunch finger foods

Summer has always been my favorite season. This is the time of the year when the heat of the sun feels like cotton and the breeze smells like mom's cooking. It's not entirely true but let's just put it that way. Ahahaa 

I'm already finishing my summer vacation days and I thought to myself why not visit the beach one more time?! I sent a message to my oh so close friend who always says yes to adventures to meet-up the next day. We traveled for 4 hours to a place where feeling good doesn't cost a thing. 

We woke up late as usual for our road trip to the beach. The sun was blazing when I was out of the house and it was draining all the fluid I have in me. Now a days going out for trips is a bit tiring, I think I can blame the weather for that. The temperature is increasing gradually and even rainy season in Philippines feels like summer now. But of course that wont stop us, we just have to deal with it and come up with a solution. We decided to take the air-conditioned bus bound for Alcoy. Good thing these days open air buses is a thing of the past. It only means less exposure to dust and heat, which is quite convenient knowing that its a long travel.

The beach was crystal clear and shining brightly while dancing along with the blazing sun. A sight I've missed with every cells and fiber in my system, the warmth of being there reminded me of ice candy with bread "pandesal" on a sunny day when I was in high school. I felt contended and free as a feather. 

A little girl greeted us with a smile and asked for a 10 pesos entrance fee. I'm not particularly sure if that child was legitimate to ask for money but we were feeling good and it's quite cheap compared to other beaches. It was a secluded place back then and nobody bothered us in terms of crowd and space. Now, people flock this place, restaurants and resorts mushroomed everywhere claiming the beach as their property.  The simplicity is gone. I'm glad I was able to have a glimpse of the old Tingko Beach.

The beach was warm on the surface and a cooling feeling envelopes your body below. It's very relaxing. The water was a bit calm with tiny waves coming once in awhile from passing boats. It was silent even thou a lot of people were there. I guess I was in total peace of mind during that time that loud sounds didn't bothered me at all, the so-called Inner Peace, that simply reminds of the movie Kung Fu Panda. 

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