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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cebu, Philippines Itinerary

12 Days of Happiness

Cebu Vacation Checklist: 

Day 1 Arrival. Adventure Time in Papa Kits, Liloan: wakeboarding and upside down zipline. Lastly, Karting at Gokart, Mabolo.

Day 2 Beach fun in Best Western Sandbar Resort, Cordova.

Day 3 Snorkelling and Island Hopping, Mactan Island.
Day 4 Swimming day in Bluewater Resort, Mactan.

Day 5 Seafood Dinner with Family at Chobi Chobi Restaurant, Parkmall. 

Day 7 Pasta Time with Mama - Haircut.

Day 8 Medical Check Up - Footspa with Mama - Dessert with friends in Fudge, Ayala.

Day 9 Have a Tattoo. 

Day 10 Road trip going to the beach in Alcoy, Cebu -  Dinner at Blue Elephant with Family, IT Park Lahug.

Day 11 Last Minute shopping for backpack at Habagat -Lunch in AA BBQ with big family - Stop by for Dentist - Brother's Graduation.

Day 12 Wake up early for Color Run. 

Halo-Halo snack at Ice Giants before departure

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