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Monday, July 7, 2014

Phuket, Thailand Day Trip

First Day Phuket Trip

Everyday I would check out promo fares from tiger airways, cebu pacific, airasia, jetstar and all the budget airlines available. My co-workers would always tease me with daily dose of checking online. I tell them It's becoming more like my hubby than just simply checking promo fares. I'm actually enjoying it especially everytime I spot a few cheap flights , my mind immediately travels to new places and adventures. This time around I had my eye on Thailand's most famous island Phuket, which is located in the southern part of the country. It holds the country's best white beaches and an excellent panoramic view of the ocean. 

Earlier that month I've also booked a flight ticket for my mum to visit me in Singapore. It was a perfect island getaway and the promo fares match the dates my mum is in the country with me. One click of the button and everything was set for June 2014 to the incredible island of Phuket. We had no check in baggage so going off to the airport early was really not on my mind. However my mum and I were not seated together, I wasn't able to tell the counter and even checked the seat number, too bad. I'm glad I'm travelling with my mum again. Its important to travel with your folks , be reminded that they're not getting younger and fate works in mysterious ways. 

I booked ahead of time for our hotel. I chose a hotel recommended by a friend of mine. He said it was new, cheap, clean and just a few meters away from the beach. I had an online reservation and was going to be billed once I get to the island, sounds good to me! I've never been a fan of paying deposits for reservation, anything can go wrong and I hate wasting money for no valuable reason. I guess I sound like a matured adult? ehehee. Working in Singapore taught me a significant lesson of being thrifty. Anyways going back to my hotel booking. I received the hotel confirmation right away I booked in the website, I initially emailed the hotel for the pick up place from the airport or any other information they want to render. I sent a few emails and didn't get even one reply from them. After a few weeks I called my cousin working in Thailand to check out our hotel's status. He called and said no one answered, it worried me. I search for the hotel and found out on trip advisor recent comments that the hotel has change their name. 

(DCC Hotel's Wallpaper)

The traveller who commented was lost when he got there, good thing he knew some landmarks along the hotel. There was no notice at all and the website was not updated. I carefully looked for their new name in google search and was able to get their new number. My cousin was able to confirm our hotel reservation and airport pick up. The hassle of booking a hotel. I hope the hotel will prove itself worth it for all the troubles they've given me. In every traveller this kind of problem arises or out of 10 individual, one unfortunate person will have booking problems, now I know how they feel. My guesthouse booking in Cambodia was like chocolate cake, it was sweet, fast and satisfying. (While I'm typing at this very moment the passengers seated beside me are having such a nice meal and it makes me salivate. I'm glad the plane will be landing soon and I can't wait to try Phuket's street foods).

The old Marq Hotel is now called the DCC House. Tel. 086 1930131

4 days 3 nights for 1500 baht + airport pick-up transfer 700 baht : 2200 baht

I'm complaining about the hotel but then I'm also endorsing it to travellers who wants a simple and clean place to stay. It's a bit far for me from the beach however it's quite near to the market and other food stalls. The walk is a bit helpful to digest all you've eaten in the market and some warm up before going for a swim. The place is not that bad yet its more like a guesthouse or pension house compared to a hotel however it was cozy and I like it very much. The staff  are genuinely friendly and accommodating with inquiries. The check in counter was fast and so we had time to find a good restaurant to have our first thai food for the trip, good thing along the street of the hotel there's a nearby spa/massage boutique, a convenient store, laundry shop and even a chain of restaurant lines the neighborhood.

Lunch at Nong-in Restaurant with meal worth 270 baht which consists of: 50 baht BEST fried rice squid EVER! , another 50 baht best fried rice with prawns ever too, 100 baht beef with mixed vegetable , 50 baht watermelon shake and 20 baht mineral water. This place is just a few minutes away across the room from where we are staying. We also did some early Souvenir Shopping at InSoi Market and I bought a rimmed hat 150 baht for my friend and a fridge magnet, 4 for 100 baht.

Vacation Checklist:
- Baht currency
- Hat
- Sunglasses
- Comfortable Slippers
- Stranger communication skills
- Appetite for Food
- Swim wear 

10 minutes Brisk walking to Patong Beach , drop by nearest 7'11 and bought 20 baht 1 liter mineral water, 15 baht cornetto drumstick ice cream and 2 bottles of coconut juice drink for 26 baht. I saw this sidewalk bookshop selling different kind of books in different languages. One book cost around 150 baht. A great thing to have when hanging around the beach while watching the waves play with the shore and even in the moment of drying oneself. 

The long stretch of white sand in Patong beach was beautiful. What made me frown are the number of for rent beach bench placed in the sides, roughly around 100-200 baht rent fee for one chair. Aside from that the sand and the beach looked great. I stared at the horizon on that fine Friday afternoon where the ocean breeze was as relaxing as the famous Thai massage. There's always something about the beach that always brings me back to it. The serenity of nature and smell of contentment, this factors is what makes me want to back to these kind of places all the time. Its familiar taste of summer brings back cherish memories of the season, warm and sweet that fills my senses. 

My Favorite Fruit in Thailand! On the way back to the hotel we bought our favorite fruit in the country, 1 kg of Mangosteen for only 40 baht. This fruit cost a fortune back in Philippines and rarely seen in Singapore as well. It's a must buy for me and not just for a day but for the whole freaking days we stayed in the island. We had a tantalizing Dinner at Malin Plaza which is just a few steps away from Insoi Market. We had a 100 baht mama seafood noddles,  20 baht BBQ prawn ,10 baht sticky rice and 50 baht mixed fruit shake , total: 260 Baht. A place where you can have fresh seafoods grilled with the way yolike it. It's cheaper there compared eating in a fine restaurant yet the taste and authentic feel of the food remains intact. We spent a lot of our eating spree in Malin Plaza, a street food bonanza for food lovers.


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