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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Phuket , Thailand Itinerary

Phuket Vacation Checklist 

Phuket preparatory budget: 26k baht 

Check in: The Marq Hotel is now called DCC House. Tel. 076 680905

4 days 3 nights for 1500 baht + airport pick-up transfer 700 baht : 2200 baht

Lunch , worth 270 baht comprises of:
50 baht fried rice with squid, 50 baht fried rice with prawns, 100 baht beef with mixed vegetable , 50 baht watermelon shake and 20 baht mineral water.

Early Souvenir Shopping at InSoi Market 
Rimmed hat 150 baht
Fridge magnet 4 for 100 baht

10 minutes Brisk walking to Patong Beach , drop by nearest 7'11 and bought 20 baht 1 liter mineral water, 15 baht cornetto drumstick ice cream and 2 bottles of coconut juice drink for 26 baht. 

On the way back to the hotel we bought our favorite fruit in the country, 1 kg of  Mangosteen for only 40 baht. 

Dinner at Malin Plaza
100 baht mama seafood noddles,  20 baht bbq prawn ,10 baht sticky rice and 40 baht mixed fruit shake , total: 250 Baht

Island Tour - budget for one person 3000 Baht , instead I was able to bargain it for two persons. 1500 baht each for island hopping trip. (Saved 3000 baht)

Dinner at Malin Plaza
Peeled grilled prawns 40 baht, Grilled squid head 40 baht, Pad Thai 100 baht, Sticky rice 10 baht , Crocodile meat 50 baht and Watermelon shake 30 baht. Total: 270 baht

Mineral Water 15 baht, Ice cream Magnum 10 baht and 1 chang beer bottle for 15 baht. Total: 40 baht

Late night shopping at Insoi Market. Purchased an I love Phuket sleeveless shirt for 210 baht each. 

Water Rafting, ATV, Flying Fox, Elephant show and trekking. Package price for each was 2800 baht, we got it half the price and was even lowered down to 3200 baht. 1600 baht for each (Saved 2400 baht)

An appetizer before having a massage with Strawberry Banana Crepes for 40 baht. 

Thai Massage with Oil. 1 hour full body relaxation and bone bending worth 350 baht.

Dinner at Malin Plaza
Pad Thai 100 baht, Fresh grilled prawns 80 baht, Fresh grilled squid and Watermelon shake 50 baht. Total: 280 baht

For Dessert: Mangosteen 2 kg for 80 baht

Late night shopping for souvenirs at Insoi Market. We bought sleeveless with Thailand logo shirts 100 baht for females and 150 baht for males. 

Fourth Day
Complimentary Coffee/ Tea everyday at DCC Hotel. 

DCC Hotel Airport transfer for 700 baht. 

Bought a perfume at Duty Free for 3k baht, besides I was able to save a lot. 

Souvenir Rush Shopping at the airport, Tom Yum wafer rolls for 100 baht and Milky Toffy candy for 100 baht. 

Overall Unexpected Expenses: 15k baht (saved 11k baht)

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  1. Tom Yum wafer rolls for 100 baht and Milky Toffy candy for 100 baht.

    1. Hey Steph! I've never get to try that but it sounds delicious. Cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot for providing me information about Phuket, Thailand Itinerary. I'm going on one of the phuket tours as well and hopefully, would enjoy my time in there. I really hope things work out for the better.

    1. Hello Marina, There's a lot of good deals in the island, you'll definitely have a good time. Make sure to get a thai massage before leaving. Enjoy!