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Phuket, Thailand Itinerary

Beach Paradise of Thailand

Everyday I would check out promo fares from tiger airways, Cebu Pacific, Airasia, Jetstar and all the budget airlines available. My co-workers would always tease me of my daily dose of checking online tickets. I tell them It's becoming more like my hobby than just simply checking promo fares. I'm actually enjoying it especially everytime I spot a few cheap flights , my mind immediately travels to new places and adventures. This time around I had my eye on Thailand's most famous island, the province of Phuket, it is located in the southern part of the country. It holds the country's best white beaches and an excellent panoramic view of the ocean. 

Earlier that month I've also booked a flight ticket for my mum to visit me in Singapore. It was a perfect island getaway and the promo fares match the dates my mum is in the country with me. One click of the button and everything was set for June 2014 to the incredible island of Phuket
. We had no check in baggage so going off to the airport early was really not on my mind. However my mum and I were not seated together, I wasn't able to tell the counter and even checked the seat number, too bad. I'm still glad I'm traveling with my mum again. Its important to travel with your folks , be reminded that they're not getting younger and fate works in mysterious ways. Let's go!

4 days Itinerary in Phuket

Budget: 26,000 baht

First Day 
Check in: DDC House (Former name: Marq Hotel)
Address: 78/2 Phang-Muang Sai Kor Road , Soi Nanai 8 Patong Phuket, Patong Beach, 83150 
4 days 3 nights for 1500 baht + airport pick-up transfer 700 baht : 2200 baht

Lunch for 270 baht comprises of:
fried rice with squid 50 bahtfried rice with prawns 50 baht beef with mixed vegetable 100 bahtwatermelon shake 50 baht and mineral water 20 baht.

Early Souvenir Shopping at InSoi Market 
Rimmed hat for 150 baht
Fridge magnet 4 for 100 baht

It's only a 10 minutes Brisk walking to Patong Beach , drop by nearest 7'11 and bought 1 liter mineral water 20 baht , cornetto drumstick ice cream 15 baht  and 2 bottles of coconut juice drink baht. 

On the way back to the hotel we bought our favorite fruit in the country, 1 kg of Mangosteen for only 40 baht. 

Dinner at Malin Plaza
mama seafood noddles 100 baht, bbq prawn 20 baht, sticky rice 10 baht and mixed fruit shake 40 baht , total: 250 Baht

Second Day
Island Tour - budget for one person 3000 baht , instead I was able to bargain it for two persons. 1500 baht each for island hopping trip. (Saved 3000 baht)

Dinner at Malin Plaza
Peeled grilled prawns 40 baht, Grilled squid head 40 baht, Pad Thai 100 baht, Sticky rice 10 baht , Crocodile meat 50 baht and Watermelon shake 30 baht. Total: 270 baht

Mineral Water 15 baht, Ice cream Magnum 10 baht and 1 chang beer bottle for 15 baht. Total: 40 baht

Late night shopping at Insoi Market. Purchased an I love Phuket sleeveless shirt for 210 baht each. 

Third Day 
Water Rafting, ATV, Flying Fox, Elephant show and trekking. Package price for each was 2800 baht, we got it half the price and was even lowered down to 3200 baht. 1600 baht for each (Saved 2400 baht)

An appetizer before having a massage with Strawberry Banana Crepes for 40 baht. 

Thai Massage with Oil. 1 hour full body relaxation and bone bending worth 350 baht.

Dinner at Malin Plaza
Pad Thai 100 baht, Fresh grilled prawns 80 baht, Fresh grilled squid and Watermelon shake 50 baht. Total: 280 baht

For Dessert: Mangosteen 2 kg for 80 baht

Late night shopping for souvenirs at Insoi Market. We bought sleeveless with Thailand logo shirts 100 baht for females and 150 baht for males. 

Fourth Day
Complimentary Coffee/ Tea everyday at DDC Hotel. 

DDC Hotel Airport transfer for 700 baht. 

Bought a perfume at Duty Free for 3000 baht, besides I was able to save a lot. 

Souvenir Rush Shopping at the airport, Tom Yum wafer rolls for 100 baht and Milky Toffy candy for 100 baht. 

Overall Unexpected Expenses: 15,000 baht (saved 11,000 baht)

What to do in Phuket

First Day 

Welcome to Paradise! Now what?!

I booked a hotel recommended by a friend of mine. He said it was new, cheap, clean and just a few meters away from the beach. I had an online reservation and was going to be billed once I get to the island, sounds good to me! I've never been a fan of paying deposits for reservation, anything can go wrong and I hate wasting money for no valuable reason. I guess I sound like a matured adult? ehehee. Working in Singapore taught me a significant lesson of being thrifty. Anyways going back to my hotel booking. I received the hotel confirmation right away I booked in the website, I initially emailed the hotel for the pick up place from the airport or any other information they want to render. I sent a few emails and didn't get even one reply from them. After a few weeks I called my cousin working in Thailand to check out our hotel's status. He called and said no one answered, it worried me. I search for the hotel and found out on trip advisor recent comments that the hotel has change their name. 

The traveler who commented was lost when he got there, good thing he knew some landmarks along the hotel. There was no notice at all and the website was not updated. I carefully looked for their new name in google search and was able to get their new number. My cousin was able to confirm our hotel reservation and airport pick up. The hassle of booking a hotel. I hope the hotel will prove itself worth it for all the troubles they've given me. In every traveler this kind of problem arises or out of 10 individual, one unfortunate person will have booking problems, now I know how they feel. That's why it's better to booked with a reliable website like 
BOOKING.COM/AGODA.COMMy guesthouse booking in Cambodia was like chocolate cake, it was sweet, fast and satisfying. (While I'm typing at this very moment the passengers seated beside me are having such a nice meal and it makes me salivate. I'm glad the plane will be landing soon and I can't wait to try Phuket's street foods).

The staff are genuinely friendly and accommodating with inquiries. The check in counter was fast and so we had time to find a good restaurant to have our first thai food for the trip, good thing along the street of the hotel there's a nearby spa/massage boutique, a convenient store, laundry shop and even a chain of restaurant lines the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the hotel is close now just try to book your hotel nearby patong beach for convenience.

Lunch at Nong-in Restaurant with meal worth 270 baht which consists of: BEST fried rice squid EVER! for 50 baht , another best fried rice with prawns ever too for 50 bahtbeef with mixed vegetable for 100 bahtwatermelon shake for 50 baht and mineral water for 20 baht. 

This place is just a few minutes away from the hotel. We also did some early Souvenir Shopping at InSoi Market and I bought a rimmed hat for 150 baht for my friend and a fridge magnet, 4 for 100 baht.

It's only a 10 minutes Brisk walking to Patong Beach , drop by nearest 7'11 and bought 1 liter mineral water 20 baht , cornetto drumstick ice cream 15 baht  and 2 bottles of coconut juice drink baht. 

I saw this sidewalk bookshop selling different kind of books in different languages. One book cost around 150 baht. A great thing to have when hanging around the beach while watching the waves play with the shore. The long stretch of white sand in Patong beach was beautiful. What made me frown are the number of for rent beach bench placed in the beach,100-200 baht rent fee for one chair. I would have been nice to just lay there on the sand. 

Aside from that the sand and the beach looked great. I stared at the horizon on that fine Friday afternoon where the ocean breeze was as relaxing as the famous Thai massage. There's always something about the beach that always draws me; the serenity of nature and smell of contentment. A familiar taste of summer that brings back cherished memories of the season, warm and sweet. 

My Favorite Fruit in Thailand! On the way back to the hotel we bought our favorite fruit in the country, 1 kg of Mangosteen for only 40 baht. This fruit cost a fortune back in Philippines and rarely seen in Singapore as well. It's a must buy for me and not just for a day but for the whole freaking days we stayed in the island. 

We had a tantalizing Dinner at Malin Plaza which is just a few steps away from Insoi Market. A place where you can have fresh seafoods grilled with the way you like it. It's cheaper here compared eating in a fine restaurant yet the taste and authentic feel of the food remains intact. We spent a lot of our eating spree in Malin Plaza, a street food bonanza for food lovers.

Second Day

Package deal: 1500 baht each for 7 island visits, inclusive: snorkeling with gear, lunch buffet and fresh fruits by the beach. 

The sun was up and so are we. Actually we woke up earlier than mister sunshine which is totally fine. The tour van was going to pick us up before 7:30 Am, so we had to be ready before that and have our light breakfast. I booked the other day for our island hopping tour which is still owned by the hotel, its practically named after the hotel too, DCC Tours. The package for one person was priced 3000 baht , instead I was able to bargain the price of one for two persons,so it means I only paid 1500 baht each for the island hopping trip. (Saved 3000 baht) What a great deal to start our day!

The van arrived a bit late but that's fine, we traveled less than an hour to the meeting point where our fancy looking speedboat was waiting for us. The waiting was still on ,the organizer was waiting for the other tour vans to arrived, plus considering the fact we were the first tourist to be there so just imagine how long we waited. I don't wear my watch when I'm out on a vacation and I try to avoid looking at the time in my phone too. Trust me, not knowing the time you were picked up late and the time you waited for the trip to start really helps. In that way I was able to focus on taking pictures and chatting along with my mum and with a few tourist seated beside me. I guess that's why when you stay in hotels or resorts you wont find any trace of clock in the corner or dangling in the wall. People are always thinking when they see the time pass by and we become bombarded with ideas that we haven't spent our time wisely or simply wasted it , for instance: a 30 minutes meal, 20 minutes bath, 15 minutes coffee break, 10 minutes waiting for a cab , and the list go on and on. Everyone has insufficient time to spend just for the simple things in life that should be enjoyed. I will not allow myself to be constricted with this kind of aura on my vacation, so I never will check out the time when I'm out doing my adventures.

Before we headed to our speedboat a simple orientation was done, they even provided motion sickness medicine for everyone. The list of islands we visited was as follows: Maya Bay where we're given a 45 minutes time to swim, sightseeing and take some pictures. Feed the monkeys with peanuts at Monkey Island, 45 mins swim time in Phi Phi Island, Buffet Lunch at Phi Phi Don island and a 2 hours chill out time at Khai Nai Island. 

First stop was at Maya Bay. The beach is quite famous for movie fanatics, this is where Leonardo de Caprio's movie entitled "The Beach" has partially shot some footages. The beauty of Maya Beach stayed as exotic and natural as it can be, the pristine white sand and clear green water makes it look unrealistic. It is enclosed in a basin-like shape due to the surrounding islands that envelopes it.

The down side about the place is that tourist flocks the area like ants, every where you look people from different races takes up all the empty space. It's not a place of serenity and does not embodied the outcast feeling of being away on a vacation. I guess its better to visit Phuket before or after summer where only a few tourist comes to visit the island. We were given 30-45 minutes to take q quick dip in the waters and take some pictures. Another irritating side of going on a travel agency tour , you don't get a hold of the time. Looking at the brighter side of things it was a great deal and most importantly budget friendly.

The second stop for the island tour was the Monkey Island. As the name itself say, there were a few monkeys in the island and at the meeting point we were encouraged to buy peanuts to feed them. It was a different experience because you don't exactly see monkeys in the beach all the time.

Sightseeing Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave. We just passed by this attraction without us knowing, the guide was not able to inform us and no one bothered to ask.

We were informed of our snorkeling site and the time allotted for the activity. If I remembered correctly it was only 30 minutes but then I think I stayed longer in the water. I'm not really sure where the speedboat anchored but in the brochure it says Tonsai Bay. It was not clear as I expected it to be compared of open waters of Malapascua Island back in Cebu, Philippines. It remains as the best snorkeling experience I've ever had. The memory that stayed in my mind was the image of a 4D resolution with the biggest plasma screen ever with bursting vibrant colors. It was nothing compared to all the snorkeling sites I've ever done. That explains why Malapascua Island is considered as one of the best diving sites in Cebu, Philippines. 

Third Stop. Buffet Lunch at Phi Phi Don Island which is included in the day trip package.

Khai Island was the last island in our map where we're given 2 hours to relax, have some fresh fruits , snorkel and enjoy the beach. There were plenty of sunbeds available for rent which cost around 200 baht for two chairs with a shared umbrella. All the corners of the beach was crowded with tourist speaking different languages yet we are all sharing our love for Phuket.

We drove back to the meeting point at Chalong Bay and the van sent everyone off to our respective hotels. It was a lovely experience, even thou there were lots of disadvantages going on a travel tour. The best deal in town is going along with these guys. If you have more than enough money going on a private tour is still the best option especially if you're looking for some private time. 

Dinner Time. The smell of grilled seafoods, stir fry noodles and freshly prepared fruit juice can only be found at Malin plaza. 

An appetizing dinner awaits everything who visits this place and thus always brings a big smile to my starving palette. My first time to try BBQ crocodile meat, it was rubbery and tasty.

We ordered peeled grilled prawns 40 baht, grilled squid head 40 baht, pad thai 100 baht, sticky rice 10 baht , crocodile meat 50 baht and watermelon shake 50 baht. Total: 340 baht. Passed by the nearest convenient store and bought some Mineral Water 15 baht, Ice cream Magnum 10 baht and 1 chang beer bottle for 15 baht. Total: 40 baht.

Late night shopping at Insoi Market. Purchased an I love Phuket sleeveless shirt for 210 baht each. 

Third Day

The tour van picked us up early from our hotel that day and after a 15 minutes drive we stopped by Monkey Cave for a few minutes of sightseeing. People are encouraged to feed the monkeys outside the caves. The feeding bonanza basket cost around 100 baht which includes 2-4 peeled corns, 1 small jar of peanuts and a small bundle of banana. 

We drove further on more winding roads and after an hour or so arrived in Phang Nga. The Sutin Group Adventure site is located at 65/46 Mu 6, T. Kathu, A. Kathu, Phuket 83120, Thailand.

The exciting package consists of: Water Rafting, ATV, Flying Fox, Elephant ride with show , simple lunch and waterfall trekking. Package price for each individual was 2800 baht, we got it half the price and was even lowered down to 3200 baht, we only paid 1600 baht for each (Saved 2400 baht). The adventure kick off with our extreme Water Rafting in Phanga Nga's river in the island of Phuket. A small covered truck sent us off to our starting point along the river.  What made the rafting interesting was the rainfall that day, it had increased the water level in the river and that made way for the strong current. 

The current was so stubborn that we had to help ourselves going down the river instead of just gliding down with the raft. I was worried for the kids who joined the trip and even for my mum. However, the excitement was too much to contain that I can't help but to laugh and smile all the way the river and all through our bumpy ride. The intensity of hitting the water was so much fun for me that it didn't bother me if the raft capsize. I've even thought that it would be more pleasurable falling in the water, crazy me huh?! We arrived safely back to our docking point and was ushered back to the truck. I was only able to take pictures when were a bit stable so I wasn't able to capture the exciting parts of us stock behind a big rock, or hitting a big chunk of tree trunk or the fact that we've almost capsized.

The next activity on the list was the elephant ride. Another First! I've always wanted to be on top of this humongous animal and see how it feels like to be one of the largest animal in the planet. Our guide picked us up in a tree house-like platform which began our journey to the jungle-like adventure with a certain movie theme playing in my mind The road to El Dorado. I'm not sure if I heard it right our elephant's name was Kelp, his skin was thick and tiny hairs was sticking out of his head like soft wires. It tickled my skin at first but eventually I got used to it. I felt totally secured on top of Kelp's head, even thou his skin was rough the warmth beneath it provide ease and comfort. It was just a short ride, passing by different rocky terrains: a river, a steep climb up and down the trail. My mum stayed at the backseat with the improvised chair and a seat belt. After the ride Kelp even aloud me to hug him. He gave a loud noise which meant as thank you. Our guide was like a professional geographic channel photographer ,he took our pictures all through the ride so giving some 100 baht tip is not that bad, besides the pictures were fabulous. 

The package deal we've booked was totally budget friendly. However, I've noticed that we are ask by our guides to give tips after each activity.  Some even demanded 100 baht, 20 baht was fine with me but asking for more is a bit rude. The point of having a discounted tour slowly diminished because the tips were giving out sums up half of the price we saved. For a traveler whose on a tight budget this kind of matter is crucial , this determines the amount of money left for food and other more exciting activities. On the other hand , travelers or more like tourist who has more than enough money considered this as an incentive for the well-mannered treatment that was given to them. That's why in every activity we had I always joked around with just giving them hugs instead of tip. 

The team in-charge with the activities wasn't well organized so I had to follow-up with them a few times. Another activity awaiting for us was the Flying Fox, its the same thing with Zip-line. Straps of nylon are wrapped around our shoulders and trunk, and then a harness is attached at the back to supports the weight as you glide to the air and reach the end of the rope. I've done this kind of activity a few times and I'm still craving for it. I asked the one in-charge to put me upside down so I can have a different feel which I also did recently in Philippines. He didn't understand me and they were in a hurry. It bothered me that they were not cautious considering it was raining that day. For safety purposes a rider must be fastened to the cable when he arrives in the platform right away. Everything went well and I'm more than happy about that. We went down the tower with greases in our faces and clothes, it must have been the oil from the wires due to the rain. My mum was happy with her ride, that's more important to me.

The Elephant Show started without any notice, whoever is available to see it can just come over at the small hut. It was a baby elephant who performed in front of everyone. He played the hula hoop, played the harmonica, and even kiss each and everyone goodbye after the show. The way he looked at me was so mysterious, I don't know if it was just me or maybe I'm the only one whose looking intensely at him in the eye. I can tell there's something in the way he stares. Most elephants I saw there even the one he rode on , I call him Big Boy Kelp does not gazed that way. I felt pity and sad , I wondered if this little elephant is happy with his surroundings. I'm amazed with the wisdom and patience of elephants, with just one stomp they one actually end their misery from being whipped by humans but they chose to bow down and obey us.

The rain poured like there's no tomorrow, our guide decided to cancel the waterfall trekking for everyone's safety. I was disappointed but then safety comes first, besides I already had a blast all day long especially during the ATV activity. The weather was not good at all and they even asked us to sign a waiver for riding the ATV. It was a dangerous ride because the terrain now is more muddy, some land and rock slides , while deep holes were filled with water. Everyone signed and was tasked to drive safely. It was quite challenging especially when you have to drive a steep unpaved road and have to make your way down a series of big rocks. 

The risk of doing it on a rainy day was adding up to my thrill seeking soul. I was having too much fun my mum even shouted at me to drive slower and watch out for the road. My mum was right behind me and I prayed hard for her safety too. I've always believe in her strength and what's alluring about my mum is that she doesn't know how strong she is. I know I've taken that trait from her and even her adventurous side as well. I guess she stayed dormant all these years to take care of me and my two brothers. Now that I have the financial capacity to support my family I'll do whatever it takes to take them in all my adventure trips. 

We finished all the activities before dark and was sent back to the hotel. Before having dinner my mum and I decided to visit the nightlife capital of Phuket. It was still early yet the place was already crowded with party people. After a long stroll we decided to have a Thai massage something I've longing to do ever since we step on the island. I was hungry but then it's not advisable to a full stomach before a massage. Good thing we passed a street vendor whose selling crepes with different fillings and flavors. I had the Strawberry Banana Crepes worth 40 baht. 

Thai Massage with Oil. 1 hour full body relaxation and neck breaking worth 350 baht.

Dinner at Malin Plaza
Pad Thai 100 baht, Fresh grilled prawns 80 baht, Fresh grilled squid and Watermelon shake 50 baht. Total: 280 baht
For Dessert: Mangosteen 2 kg for 80 baht

Late night shopping for souvenirs at Insoi Market. We bought sleeveless with Thailand logo worth 100 baht for females and 150 baht for males. 

I always end my trips with an awesome massage. The best Thai massage and the only place I trust to do some neck breaking massage to me is only in this country. Thailand is such a beautiful country and exploring each corners means adventure. I'm updating my Vacation Checklist and flying to Krabi and Changmai is on my next list. Have fun andbe safe ^__^

Itinerary Reminders:

1. Flight Details
Make sure to write down your booking reference number, be at the airport two hours before your flight and allocate time for your travel to the airport.

2. Accommodation Details
Write down your hotel/motel/resort/bnb booking number. Contact your place to inform them around when you'll be arriving — it really does help.  Also, ask if your accommodation has any discounted activities.  You'd be surprised!

3a. Transportation
List possible times your bus/train/boat arrives and leaves so you don't miss an activity.  Always give yourself an extra 30-45 minutes in case you get lost, get stuck in traffic, or are looking for parking.  Better early than late.  Of utmost importance: check for the last trip and fares!  So you still have time and money to get back.

3b. Car Rentals
Take note of your pick-up address and time allotted.  Our last car rental told us to bring the car back by a certain time with a certain amount of gas.  Allot money for fuel and parking.

4. Budgeting
Set aside a minimum and maximum spending amount for: meals, transportation, entrance fees, activities, souvenirs and emergencies.  3 meals a day + snacks adds up quickly, so keep track!  As well as tips for restaurants and activities.

5. Activities
Call to confirm your booking(s) a day or so beforehand.  Set alarms and/or calendar reminders for things you plan to do (i.e- bungee-jumping, river-rafting, or even city / food tours).

Do you want more adventure?
Go ahead and check out my Backpacking Trip in Cambodia  and see the ruins of Angkor Wat

Where am I going next?
My next adventure is Krabi, Thailand and swim with hundred of star-like bioluminescent phytoplankton's under the sea because I just can't get enough of Thailand.


  1. Tom Yum wafer rolls for 100 baht and Milky Toffy candy for 100 baht.

    1. Hey Steph! I've never get to try that but it sounds delicious. Cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot for providing me information about Phuket, Thailand Itinerary. I'm going on one of the phuket tours as well and hopefully, would enjoy my time in there. I really hope things work out for the better.

    1. Hello Marina, There's a lot of good deals in the island, you'll definitely have a good time. Make sure to get a thai massage before leaving. Enjoy!