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Saturday, August 23, 2014

MacRitchie Hike, Singapore

MacRitchie Hike

My friend and I have been planning for our hiking day for such a long time. Finally the day came and we laughed like little kids while walking around MacRitchie Reservoir. We started a bit late I think that was after lunch time. It rained in the morning so we decided to postpone the activity for the afternoon. We were determined to do the activity no matter what the circumstances are , so we packed our bags and meet up at Bishan Bus Interchange. We took bus number 166 from Bishan Interchange with travel time of 30 minutes.  

According to the parks route there are a few options you can take going to the reservoir. You can start your walk from either MacRitchie Reservoir Park or Venus Drive. 

By Bus (Bus stop B on map) Take Bus number 132, 163, 165, 166, 167, 640, 52 or 980 and alight at the bus stops along Upper Thomson Road. 
By Car Parking is available at Venus Drive. For carpark charges, please click here. 
By MRT Nearest MRT station at Marymount MRT (Circle line) located 2km away from MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

We started the MacRitchie's trail around 3 plus in the afternoon. The rain made the trail muddy and messy but for me everything looked great, fresh and vibrant. 

Rain droplets sprinkled us like seeds starving for water. Tiny particles floated in the air created rainbows in our palms. Water pebbles danced with the trees as the wind softly whistled in the air. The smell of earth was all over the place which brings warmth to one's frigid soul. 
It was an easy trail, everything was laid in a platter. Well of course it should be that way because we were in Singapore. Signs were everywhere and even the road seemed paved for one shoes to find its way. I believed when you outdoors even just do a small hike somewhere where trees and animals calls home is a wonderful experience. Its like feeding your soul with good stuff through nature, with what you see, feel and think. My friend and I talked about the influence of seeing green things, the positive openness oneself feel when they're around a natural environment. Its an overwhelming feeling of knowing you can share personal matters with a friend.
MacRitchie has so much to offer and I've noticed a lot of people there walking alongside us. Some were running, sightseeing and I spotted some photographers too.

I've always thought that I'll grow up with a continuous free spirited life. However, working abroad has changed me or I allowed the changes to change me. Maybe I am advisable to change or its better to say to mature as an individual. The complexities of living will seek you like your own shadow. It's actually a good thing in some way because I've learned to stand on my own and fight for what I want.                                                        

Hiking is a good way to release stress and challenge yourself to go further. If you're confused and you need some answer, my advice to you is go on a hike and if its a bigger problem go on a trek alone or with a friend.

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