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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Phuket Island Tour

Phuket Island Tour

Vacation Checklist

- Camera (waterproof)
- Rashguard
- Swim Shorts
- Sunblock
- Rimmed Hat
- Sunglasses
- Snorkeling Gear (optional)
- Baht Currency

Package deal: 1500 baht each for 7 island visits, inclusive: snorkeling with gear, lunch buffet and fresh fruits by the beach.

The van picked us up late in our hotel and then dropped us off at the meeting point where our gigantic speedboat waited for us. We were briefed for a short while about the frequency of each island visit and a few safety measures for the trip. They even provided motion sickness medicine for everyone. The guide laid out a few information for the 7 islands we've visited, here as follows:

First stop was at Maya Bay. The beach is quite famous for movie fanatics, this is where Leonardo de Caprio's movie entitled "The Beach" has partially shot some footage. The beauty of Maya Beach stayed as exotic and natural as it can be, the pristine white sand and clear green water makes it look unrealistic. It is enclosed in a basin-like shape due to the surrounding islands that envelopes it. 

The down side about the place is that tourist flocks the area like ants, every where you look people from different races takes up all the empty space. Its not a place of serenity and does not embodied the outcast feeling of being away on a vacation. I guess its better to visit Phuket before or after summer where only a few tourist comes to visit the island. We were given 30-45 minutes to take q quick dip in the waters and take some pictures. Another irritating side of going on a travel agency tour , you don't get a hold of the time. Looking at the brighter side of things it was a great deal and most importantly budget friendly. 

The next stop for the island tour was the Monkey Island. An island with a few monkey settlers, at the meeting point we were encouraged to buy peanuts to feed them. It was a different experience because you don't exactly see monkeys in the beach all the time.

We were informed of our snorkeling site and the time allotted for the activity. If remembered correctly it was only 30 minutes but then I think I stayed longer in the water. I'm not really sure where the speedboat anchored but in the brochure it says Tonsai Bay. It was not clear as I expected it to be compared of open waters of Malapascua Island back in Cebu, Philippines. It remains as the best snorkeling experience I've ever had. The memory that stayed in my mind was the image of a 4D resolution with the biggest plasma screen ever with bursting vibrant colors. It was nothing compared to all the snorkeling sites I've ever done. That explains why Malapascua Island is considered as one of the best diving sites in Cebu, Philippines. 

Sightseeing Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave. We just passed by this attraction without us knowing, the guide was not able to inform us and no one bothered to ask.
Buffet Lunch at Phi Phi Don Island which is included in the day trip package

Khai Island was the last island in our map where we're given 2 hours to relax, have some fresh fruits , snorkel and enjoy the beach. There were plenty of sunbeds available for rent which cost around 200 baht for two chairs sharing one umbrella. All the corners of the beach was crowded with tourist speaking different languages yet we are all sharing our love for white sandy beaches. 

We drove back to the meeting point at Chalong Bay and the van sent off to our respective hotels. 

It was a lovely experience, even thou there were lots of disadvantages going on a travel tour. The best deal in town is going along with these guys. If you have more than enough money going on a private tour is still the best option especially if you're looking a sweet serenity. 

Thailand is such a beautiful country and exploring each corners means adventure. I'm updating my Vacation Checklist and flying to Krabi and Changmai is on my next list. 

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