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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek, Kintamani Bali 2

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek, Kintamani Bali

We went on with the trail less travelled by tourist. Going uphill was a new challenge, this time volcanic rocks and sands were the obstacles for the climb. The scenery reminds me of my Osmeña Peak Trek back in the Philippines. I was thinking that maybe at night Hagrid from Harry Potter movie would be lurking around the volcano hunting for food. 

Pineh Travel tours

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek: $40 /400,000 IDR 

Mount Batur is Bali's active volcano with a height of approximately 1717 meters above sea level. 

Itinerary for the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour :

02.00 Hotel pick-up, drive directly to starting point
03.00 Breakfast banana pancake with chocolate + tea or Bali Coffee.
04.00 From starting point about 2 hours to reach the peak of Mount Batur accompanied by licensed organization trekking guide.
05.00 Stop will be made for short break and drinking water.
06.15 Arrive at the peak of Mount Batur, while waiting the sunrise a packed breakfast will be served with a special volcanic steamed eggs.
07.00 Descend the path down to other crater, crater 2 & 3 and last crater erupted on the year of 2000.
09.00 Arrive back on the shore of Lake Batur, drive more further where a stop is made and have a  banana fritter, drink, pick fruits on the trees, enjoy fresh organic fruits at Pineh Colada Bali.
10.00 Drive back to the hotel/guesthouse.

Vacation Checklist:
- Jacket (windbreaker)
- Camera
- Leggings
- Sports Shirt 
- Energy Bars
- First Aid Kit
- Raincoat
-  Bottled Water
- Headlamps (optional)
- Bonnet (optional)

Estimated time going to the second and third crater is around 30-45 minutes. A group of tourist was already there having their steam massage, its advisable to stay just for 10 minutes or you'll feel uneasy due to the smoke. There were boiled eggs in the ground that clearly shows the volcano is active. Wayan narrated that the last eruption happened in 10 years ago. He also mentioned that a few days ago they celebrated Bali's national day wherein they offered animals to the volcano. It's astonishing to know that people still do offerings. I belonged to a very diverse country that still observed this kind of tradition, but to hear and see the exact spot where they do it gave a good blow in my knowledge box. As all offerings were meant for the greater good, a gift of gratitude to Mt. Batur for staying calm all these years. According to my research the second crater erupted in 1926, the third in 1963, and youngest crater followed in 1974 and 1994. 
The crater was beautiful and majestic. A small lake can be seen from a far where people built fish ponds to groom for their livelihood. However, the sulfur from the volcano has not yet subsided for the past few months so fishing has been postponed for a while. Wayan also owned a business down by the lake and its badly affected which saddened him as he verbalized the news. There were trees, black stones, black sands and add in the smoke which made the crater looked dreamy and mysterious. I didn't mind staying there till afternoon but then we had to go to the other crater, after the guys finished one stick of cigarette we proceed with our trek to the last crater. 

One more thing, when they were smoking Wayan showed as some simple science tricks he knows, he blew a puff of smoke from a hole exhaust and big puffs of smoke materialized , nicotine plus sulfur and there you go a cloud of smoke. We were like ahhh and laughed like little kids, as if the smoke transformed into a laughing gas that made everyone happy.  I'm not so sure about the science part but these kind of silly things makes up my unforgettable sunrise trek in Bali. 

This part of the trek is my favorite part, we walked to a small rain forest and then it opened to a very wide plain,green land. Its was like seeing my childhood movie "The land before Time" for the very first time. A cliff overlooking the marvelous lake and the widest crater I've ever seen. This time the trail was more fun because we had to go downhill. The black sand was soft and smooth, Wayan encouraged everyone to just slide down. It was scary because if you lose control then your heading to doom which is down and deep below the ground. 

I slide down a bit then slowly made my way down. The boys were crazy and so they ran like crazy. Ahahaa I wish I've joined their craziness. This is also what I've learned from my trek to just let it go, travelling alone was a big step for me. However, to go wild on my own with no one to back me up was my weakness . I've realized that travelling alone means taking care of yourself alone, guiding yourself alone in different directions and learning to ask yourself which color you prefer more. It's a great experience to know yourself more. I've also found out that my social skills are under developed, but I'm quite good with acquaintances and blending in with the group. Maybe I was overly engrossed with the trek and talking to our guide that I didn't mind talking to the other tourist. 

The trek was almost over when we continued our descend further down the volcano. We passed by different kinds of farm from fresh tomato to corn farms and even some livestock.  I shot a picture of Mt. Batur from a far and I couldn't believe it that just a few hours ago I was among the crowd on top of the volcano. Mt. Batur showed it's lovely heart shaped goodbye the moment I looked back. 

We drove back to our respective hotels and guesthouse, but before that we stop at Pineh Colada Bali for a coffee break.

They offer the best coffee and tea in town, organic and taste way better than any products in the market.

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