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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bukit Batok Clubhouse, Singapore

Bukit Batok Clubhouse, Singapore

How to get there: 

Take the Red line to Bukit Batok MRT. If you come from the green line station, alight at Jurong East to transfer to red line. 

Outside Bukit Batok MRT make your way to McDonald's then continue walking straight until you reach the bus interchange. Then you turn the other side away from the buses. Crossed the street in front of the bus interchange then head to the nearest bus stop. Keep walking until you the Bukit Batok Clubhouse Signage. 

Vacation Checklist: 
-waterproof camera 

Pool Access Fee: $2

My friend is one of the clubhouse member and that's one reason we were able to access the swimming pool facilities. The wave pool was the first attraction that welcomed me when I arrived in the area. We stayed until the wave subsided and slowly made our way to lazy river. This is where we allow ourselves to be carried away by the strong current. They also have a big swimming pool for adults and a jacuzzi too, and just beside the jacuzzi is the kids pool. 

The weight of working countless hours was taking toll in my health. I had to get away from my workplace and being around people whose having fun was a relief. Sometimes all we need is just a swim to get rid of the negative things that's pulling us down.  

One of my colleague brought along her little sister, which made smiling more easy. She was adorable and informative. I love it when little kids ask so many questions, its a bit annoying after a few hours but I still love to answer them back. Children's curiosity is precious as gold this is the root for their development, an enough reason for adults to shower them with a good amount of information. 

It's a nice place for families and friends, especially for special occasions. They have function rooms that you can book ahead of time, cottages for outdoor fun and even has ktv,billiard halls for indoor activities. 

Address: Bukit Batok Clubhouse 91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, Singapore 659206

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