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Friday, February 13, 2015

Gunung Lambak Trek, Johor Bahru Malaysia

Gunung Lambak is a small mountain, 510 meters above sea level, located in the heart of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

Vacation Checklist:
-ringgit money 
Budget: less than $S100 (inlcuding lunch)
-running/hiking shoes
-breathable top and shorts, or with  leggings
-1 litres water
-packed lunch
-change clothes
first aid kit (with whistle)

We woke up early for our coach transfer with the group. They booked ahead of time for our tickets to Johor Bahru and Vice Versa. Meet-up point was in Red line Marsiling MRT around  5:30 in the early morning of Saturday. It was a weekend hike I've been looking forward to.

The night before we've cooked our packed lunch, fried chicken and siomai, our steamed rice will be prepared the next morning by the earliest bird. Good thing, all three of us were early riser so our food was ready in no time. The only thing my friend is so disappointed when we went to the bus stop was that she  forgot to packed her monopad. Ahahaa The age of selfie already has an impact on everyone lives, its getting me too so maybe I'll buy one too. Our bus ride was smooth, we passed by the check point, had the immigration officer checked and stamped our passports, then off we went to the base point to Gunung Lambak. They have a resort where you can stay overnight in the area. We didn't bother to do that our main priority is to reached the summit before lunch time. The trail was neatly laid out, there were root stairs, ropes and boulders. The hike was a good challenge for the leg muscles and even powered up my will to climb more mountains. 

We reached the summit and had a quick lunch, the hike master invited everyone to go further and see the big tree. It will take another 30 minutes to reach the tree and an even more steeper trail. I immediately took the challenge and one friend of mine came along too, and another new friend from the hike. The rest stayed in the small hut to continue having their lunch and will go down first ahead of us. The trail to the big tree was going through muddy terrain and holding on to more ropes. However, the hike master was not able to locate the big tree, according to him there were a lot of changes to the trail and the slope going down was crazily dangerous too. We were all pretty excited to see this magnificent big tree but maybe due to soil erosion the trail was not safe anymore to go further. We went back to the old trail and found that the other part of our group was still there, in the end all of us went back together. Going down was faster and even more fun. It was not that dangerous thanks to the ropes provided on the sides of the trail. 

The best thing about going on a hike is the muscle sore, you read that right! The pain simply reminds you that you did something great and fun. Let's look at things in a different and 

Address: Kluang, Johor, Semenanjung Malaysia

How to get there: (according my research) 2 options: bus/train
From Singapore to Kluang

Take a bus 170 from Singapore to Larkin terminal in Johor Bahru
Take an Express bus from Larkin to Kluang
Bus service: ORCHARD EXPRESS (Platform 41)
Frequency : Hourly
Cost : Rm 6.40 per person
Duration : 1hr 40mins


By Train, (either from Tanjong Pagar Railway station in Singapore or from Johor Bahru) to Kluang
Check out train timing:
From Johor Bahru : there is a departure from J.B at 1036hrs
Cost : Rm4 (lowest class, may not have seats)
Duration : 1hr 40mins

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