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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pandawas Academy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It's a new year and a great way to jumpstart the year is to share our blessings to other people. 

I'm glad my friend decided to celebrate her birthday in a different way. We shared the same passion for volunteering so I need not to think twice about what we should be doing on her special day. What a great coincidence when I was browsing the Internet that I passed by this group called Caring Singaporeans. I decided to take a peak at their volunteer works for this month and they had one. They planned to go an Afghan Refugee Center in Malaysia. It got me pretty excited and sad too, I've never meet a refugee before and being able to lend a hand was surely not enough. They've been through a lot and nothing can compare to what they've been through during the war. It was my pleasure to render my genuine service. 

We took the bus around 11:45 in the evening and slowly drove our way to Kuala Lumpur. The meet up point was in Golden Mile Tower with the Star Coach bus service. I'm the kind of person whose able to have a good night sleep everywhere I go so dozing off wasn't really a hassle to me. Besides the bus was not that bad compared to my Cambodian Night bus trip last year. For this trip its was way better because it has a lesser travel time and more comfortable seats. 

Singapore to KL, Malaysia Night Bus fare: 40 SGD (star coach bus liner)
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore: 50-60 ringgit (star coach bus liner), the ticket station is just infront of the central mall.
Travel time: 5-6 hrs

We arrived in KL around 6 o'clock in the morning and still had an ample of time for a long breakfast. The bus drop us at the central mall near the MRT station so we access to all parts of KL. It was still too early to go the centre so our organizer propose that we check out Batu Caves which is just a few minutes away. Everyone loved the idea and so we went to Batu Caves. It was a great idea indeed because we were able to witness one of India's religious ceremonies. There's an Indian temple when you reach the top part of the cave, a great place for isolation and worship. The whole place was bombarded with Indian's and tourist  praying and sightseeing. I've been to Batu Caves last year and its a pretty interesting place to be. After we had a short glimpse of their ceremony we went back to KL central and made our way to the community center. We went back to the central station and took the taxi park outside the vicinity and paid 22 ringgit to the station counter for desired destination. 

The Pandawas Academy is a school for afghan refugees located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

If everyone who drops by KL will spend some time with these kids and donate some educational supplies it will be truly appreciated. These are the kind of activities that everyone should be doing once or thrice in their lifetime, if possible all the time.  

I know my presence was not enough to support their needs but I hoped that it brought warmth in their hearts, knowing that their are people who cares about them. I've found this quote pasted in the bulletin when we said our goodbyes. It struck me really hard and it made me feel good. "The World is Full of Nice People. If You Can't Find One, Be One" - Nishan Panwae

Donate or Tutor a child

Address: 12a, Jalan Wawasan 3, 68000 Bandar Baru Ampang
(The school was founded by Robert Levitt, an American, and Jeanette Chan, Francis Tay and Jessica Wee, all Malaysians and is not affiliated with any religious or non-profit organization and is funded solely by donations by private individuals and corporations). 
Check out their facebook page:

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