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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tourist Spots in Cebu, Philippines

There's an endless list of what and where to go in Cebu, so to narrow it down I have a few list of the oh so famous spots in "The Queen City of the South." 

A list of the Must-See Places in Cebu:

1. Sto. Niño Church
Also known as Basilica de Santo Niño Church. Located in the heart of Cebu, one hour away from Mactan Airport, depending on the traffic. When it comes to religion Cebuanos are a good example of faithful believers. It all started when a Spanish explorer named Magellan came to Philippines and planted Christianity in the hearts of the Filipino people. Ever since that day it became a strong foundation of faith and values among the people. 

Sr. Sto Nino is the oldest church in Cebu and a very popular tourist destination. The spanish architecture inspired church is famous for its grandeur design and the miraculous Sr. Sto Nino. A very extravagant events happens every second week of the month of January where believers of Sr. Sto Nino celebrates his greatness. The so-called event is the ever sought party in the Queen City of the South , the one and only "Sinulog Festival." People from all walks of life simply gather in this colorful event to dance and party all day long. Unlimited list of activities piles up to feast your appetite for fun. A series of street dance, boastful floats, beauty pageant, drinking contest  and endless party surely keeps everyone busy.

During this event the church is jam-packed with worshipers and tourist. If you want to see the church closely and be at peace while roaming around its corridors better avoid those dates. While your around the area don't forget to visit the Magellan's cross located at the side of the church. 

2. Magellan's Cross 
Located near Basilica del Santo Niño along the City Hall Lane, Cebu City. This cross is said to be the cross planted by Magellan when Christianity was established in the country. They said the original cross is enclosed inside the cross. 

3. Cathedral Church
A few steps away from Sto. Niño Church, from KFC go straight to the alley that sells all kinds of flowers, christian ornaments and food stalls. Check out the museum just beside the church too where they feature artifacts about the church during the old days. 

4. Fort San Pedro
The oldest and smallest fort in the Philippines, located at Pigafetta Street, Cebu City. A historical place if you want to get to know Cebu during the spanish colonization. A few metres away from Plaza Indepedencia. Its a garrison made museum, event halls that offers a packages for intimate celebrations like birthdays and wedding events. 

5. Fuente Circle
A playground for kids and chill-out spot for adults. This park lights up at night where people gather to sit around. It looks pretty nice during the holidays most especially in December where a giant christmas tree will be set-up in the center polished with colorful lights and huge christmas decorations. 

6. Casa Gorordo Museum
This ancestral house features a variety of information about a rich families lifestyle back then. Located in No 35 Lopez Jaena, Cebu. Check out the Colon Monument a few steps away from the museum. It symbolizes as a landmark for Cebu's oldest street. 

7. Colon street
The oldest street in Cebu. A busy place where people buy and sells goods at a cheaper price. Beware of pickpocket's around this area. Make sure to wear something ordinary to keep you away from deceiving and abusive people. 

8. Tops
One of the most popular tourist spots in Cebu. It is found in Barangay Malubog, Busay, Cebu City. An overlooking place to see the metro, better to be there late in the afternoon to avoid the blazing heat of the sun. See the lights glow as the sky turn black and the city comes alive with flying colors. From JY Square Mall in Lahug there are plenty of motorcycles that can take you up to the top, or for your convenience better take the taxi for safety purposes. 

9. Cebu Taoist Temple 
Located in Beverly Hills Subdivision a nice place to see another great view of the metro.

10. Mountain View Nature's Park 
Located in Sitio Garahe Busay. A great place for dinning and doing some exciting activities with family and friends.

11. Lapu-Lapu Shrine
A 20 metres bronze statue in Punta Engaño, Mactan Lapu-Lapu City. It was built to honor a native leader who defeated the spanish soldiers during the Battle of Mactan in 1521.

12. South Road Properties (SRP) Cebu
Check out the nearby Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod
Rising soon is SM Seaside City and is said to be the biggest mall in the Philippines.

13. Beaches
The best beaches are almost everywhere in the island. Enjoy the white pristine waters of the Queen City of the South. Check out: Sumilon Island, Camotes Island, Malapascua Island, Bantayan Island, Pandanon Island and Mactan Islands. Endless of  resorts to choose from with great variety of rates that will suit your budget. 

14. Food 
Try the ever famous Barbeque Stalls at Larsian nearby Chong Hua Hospital. Never miss the Seafood Restaurants in Sutokil located in the farthest end of the island of Mactan. Check out Local foods too like bibingka in Mandaue, Siomai sa Tisa with hanging rice in Labangon and of course Cebu's pride Lechon in Carcar or Talisay, 

15. Adventure 
There are numerous adventures,treks and diving sites that you can try. From swimming with the whale sharks or catching the sunset at Osmeña Peak. 

Cebu is for everyone! A great place for good food, exciting adventures and lovely sceneries. There's the mountain to make you feel closer to the sky and the pristine white beaches to soothe your senses. My heart will always say yes to this great city. Everything that made me who I am today is because of all the travels I've had, without a doubt it's truly more fun in the Philippines.

(The photo on the right side was taken at Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu, it is considered as the highest point of elevation in the island of Cebu).


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