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Monday, June 1, 2015

Turtle Sighting

My Unexpected Turtle Sighting 

There are times when you see something different and it startles you that this kind of incident becomes more than familiar.

First Encounter: Bantayan Island , Philippines
He was tied up below the bridge. It was a devastating sight to see such a wonderful animal in captivity. 

Second Encounter: Bohol, Philippines
It was swimming in a small pond near the reception area in Loboc's River Cruise Office.

Third Encounter: MacRitchie , Singapore
He swam ordinarily in the water, then decided to peak a little to see whose making all the noises above his territory. He just swam towards me and stayed in that spot for a few minutes then went straight back to the water.

Fourth Encounter: Bare your Sole Fun Run at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
He were walking by this small bridge, then suddenly the turtle surfaced from the water and said hi to our lovely feets.

Fifth  Encounter: Pet Shop, Singapore
I know it's a typical place to see turtles in a pet shop but this specific turtle saw me. I decided to place my finger as it got closer to the glass and it seemed like he cuddled the sight of my finger. They don't do that all the time and it even sort of smiled at me.

Sixth Encounter: Plantation Bay Resort, Cebu Philippines

I still count this as a turtle encounter, lame as it may look. You don't see this kind of floater all the time.  I should really get one of this, now I know what I want for Christmas Ahahaa. I guess that's why I was drawn to the idea of having a turtle tattoo. Spiced it up with some wings and a tail bwala! my very own mythical creature.

Seventh Encounter: 50 Hours Non Stop Run at Bedok Reservoir ,Singapore
Have you ever seen a turtle in reservoir before? I did! I didn't know they lurk around the area, it was a nice ice breaking experience after we completed the 12 kilometre run and was going for the 43 kilometre run. 

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