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Cu Chi Tunnel, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

First Day
Cu Chi Tunnel, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Cu Chi tunnel Tour
Price: $5 /110,000 VND
Trip starts: 12:30 noon

Located in the Củ Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. The legendary tunnel network played a big role during the war in 1960's. This one tour you shouldn't missed when you're in Vietnam. 

Tour package Includes: Air conditioned bus, English speaking guide Excluding: Entrance fee of 110.000 VND, Lunch and Gun shooting. 

Vacation Checklist: 

- VND Dong entrance fee and souvenirs 
- Hat
- Slippers/Sneakers
- Water (1 bottled water provided in tour) 
- Sunscreen
- Camera
- some Vietnamese Words

A travel agent picked us from the hotel, escorted us out to a small bus then drove 60 kilometres away from Saigon to Cu Chi District. The bus was not well ventilated, so the heat of the afternoon sun tortured everyone inside. I slept for two hours due to heat exhaustion and the next thing I knew we were at a Handicapped Handicrafts Factory. 

All the products in this store were hand-made by able-handicapped people, which makes the artwork more special. We watched them work with the art pieces, I was amazed how they'd level up children's artwork to the highest level. The art piece reminds me of my primary years when the teacher asked us to bring clean, dried egg shells and colorful paints for art class. All their works were beautifully made, it's clean, detailed and worth every penny. We rendered our support by buying one artwork worth 210,000 VND. 

Artwork prices ranges from 100,000 VND -700,000 VND

We drove another 30 minutes more to reached our main destination. The Cu Chi Tunnel vicinity was jam-packed with tourist, I guest its better to have a tour guide to clearly explain the history. The underground tunnel network is estimated to be over than 200 kilometres, I can't imagine how they dug night and day to finish the pathway. It clearly shows Vietnamese perseverance and discipline to protect their country and defeat the invading troops.  

During the tour we meet Tony, our guide throughout the day. He briefly  narrated the tunnel's significant history and the self-made weapons during the war. He even task everyone to crawl inside the tunnels to experience how the soldiers felt back then. It really made me feel claustrophobic but I kept going knowing that there's somebody behind me. They said the tunnel is more spacious now and even cleaner compared last time when Vietnamese soldier goes in and pass along military messages to their fellow comrades. 

We had short break at a firing range where we bought some softdrinks and ate some biscuits. The firing range is an optional activity for everyone. 

The crawling session began in two more tunnels, the height of the passageway became more wider for it has been altered for tourist comfort and most especially for accessibility. The tunnels were a  great hiding place for communication, transfer of military goods and food supply by the Viet Cong soldiers. It was used against the American forces during the Vietnam War.

Before we ended the tour they offered us snacks with mini tea shot glass and boiled cassava root crops. Afterwards, a documentary film was played at a small hut to further explained about the tunnel, and the heroic deeds of the Vietnamese people. The half day tour felt like a whole day of fun facts about Vietnam, its not really a good memory for the country but everything turned out well in the end. I hope this tragic event wont ever repeat itself. 

The bus drove back to the central city and stopped at the same spot right in infront of the Chu Lai Lan Archway, a few walks away from Kaiteki Hotel. 

We decided to have an authentic Vietnamese Dinner at Ben Thanh Market just 500 metres away from our hotel. Walk straight and follow the main road, once you spotted McDonald just cross the street to the park, at night it's well-lighted with white and blue lights. You will need to crossed another pedestrian lane to the market. Always watch out for vehicles when crossing the street, they don't stop at all even in the zebra lane.

Dinner at Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanh TSC
1. Heo Rung Xao lan
Stir-fried wild boat meat with little water : 70,000 ( my favorite! )
2. Mixed Hotpot : 190,000
3. Banh Hoi Thit Nuong
Grilled pork with gine rice vermicelli: 85,000
4. Steamed Rice



  1. What's the name of your tour guide/ tour company?


    1. Hello Ana, I can't remember the tour company but don't worry almost all the tours there has the same itinerary and pricing. I'm sorry for the late post. I hope you had a wonderful time in Vietnam. Cheers!