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Ho Chi Minh City Tour, Vietnam

A short city tour around Ho Chi Minh City 

Vacation Checklist: 
- VND Dong Bills 
- Hat
- Slippers/Sneakers
- Water 
- Map 
- Sunscreen
- Camera
- some Vietnamese Words
- skills in crossing dangerous pedestrian lanes

For the past two days we were able to go to 2 different tours: Cu Chi Tunnel and the Mekong Delta Tour. A great way to get to know Vietnam's history and culture. We heard Vietnam is quite famous when it comes to coffee. This country is even known as the number one coffee exporter in the world. As soon as the sun rise in the east we followed the sweet aromatic smell of coffee in the city. 

Urban Station Coffee 
Near the Bus Terminal and Petroli Mex Gasoline Station, a few steps away from Highland Coffee. 
Traditional Black Coffee (hot): 17,000 VND
Traditional Milk Coffee (ice): 18,000 VND
Amaretto (ice blended): 35,000 VND

Benh Thanh Market was just accross the street from the coffee shop. We had some pork barbeque street food for 10,000 VND, and at the same time window shop for my brothers t-shirts. If your stomach is looking for something familiar , then there's McDonalds two streets across from Benh Thanh Market. 

Food in Ben Thanh Market ranges from 70,000 VND to 250,000 VND

T-Shirts: 130,000 VND -150,000 VND
Keychains, Pouch: 50,000 VND -200,000 VND

We only want to see one landmark in the city and that the Reunification Palace also known as Independence Palace (Dinh Độc Lập)

I'm not quiet sure about the right way to the palace. If remembered correctly from Benh Thanh Market turn to Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa road. Walk straight, pass by the zebra crossing, spot the Remnants War Museum on the other side of the street. Keep walking until you see the grand building of the Reunification Palace. This establishment is close to public during international meetings. 

Along the way we found some cool guys fixing the electricity post. They were hanging on to bamboo ladders and swinging side to side to fix the wires. It's a dangerous job and I hope they find a new career in life. 

After a good walking exercise around the palace it was time to head back to the hostel. My friend was flying back to the airport, while my mum and I were taking the bus to Mui Ne. Good thing we got there on time and had enough time to have some lunch at Huong VY Restaurant nearby the hotel. 

Beef with Pineapple 72,000 VND
Special Fried Rice 65,000 VND
Chicken Fried Rice in Coconut 70,000 VND
Sauted Mixed Vegetables: 38,000 VND
Pineappe Juice: 22,000 VND
Watermelon and Cucumber Juice: 29,000 VND
Cucumber and Pineapple: 29,000 VND
Total: 329 VND ( 3 pax )

My mum had a 20 kg luggage and it was really hard for me to  roll it on the uneven street. If you're travelling from one place to another make sure just to bring a backpack with you. 

Ho Chi Minh Bus to Mui Ne
Bus fare: 140,000 VND ,Travel time: 5-6 hours

I'm quite used to this kind of travelling, it makes me relax and think clearly. Back in Philippines we would always take the bus to travel the north or south end of Cebu. The beach is awesome in this part of the island. Its worth every inch of those bumpy roads and the agonizing bladder break deprivation. 

Travelling to Mui Ne in comfortable seats is a must. The Hanh Bus Liner is a great ride for long hours trip, the adjustable seats and dim lights are conducive for sleeping. They also provide free water bottle for each passenger. The thought of seeing the white and red sand dunes of Vietnam is worth to travel for.

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