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Mekong Delta River, Vietnam

Mekong Delta River 

One Day Mekong Delta : My Tho Ben Tre 
Tour Price: $9 / 200,000 VND
Depart : 07:45AM Return: 05:00PM

Included: Air conditioned bus, English speaking guide, boat trips, lunch and fruits. 

The tour bus picked us up at the same location the previous day when we did the half day Cu Chi Tunnel tour. When we went inside the bus you can see that Vietnam's tourist industry is doing great. The big bus was jam-packed with  tourist from all over the world. This time around the bus is way bigger, better  and comfortable. 

We hit road when all the seats were taken, then first drove to the provincial roads of the Southern region of Vietnam. Passed by paddy rice-fields, pine-apple plantation, orchard, small hamlets and tombstones. Yeah, I typed that correctly tombstones and I'm not even talking about their cemetery. This is something new and unusual information for me. They have 1 or more tombstones placed specifically in the middle of the land. Our guide told us these graves were their family and relatives, fellow farmers who passed away. They serve as a guardian of their fields to secure a prosperous harvest during the season. The bus once again dropped by just like yesterday to a Handicapped Handicrafts Factory, bladder break for everybody for the long trip ahead. After endless sights of rice fields I doze off to the wonderful color of nature- a great excuse for a sleepy head like me. 

Travel time: 2 hours

Arrival in My Tho city, a local motor boat took us to the muddy-like Tien River, sightseeing of fishing ports, the Rach Mieu bridge, stilt houses and an old Ice production company. There were 4 islands mentioned in our brochure tour : Dragon, Unicorn, Phoenix and Turtle Island which are named according to Vietnamese holy animals. 

In the first island stop we witness the process of making coconut candy by skillful workers. They sell a variety of coconut candies too mix with cocoa or ginger , buy 5 packs get one free promotion for 150,000 VND. 

We went back to the boat for our second island stop. In this island we had our lunch at a local restaurant this is included in the package tour. After lunch, the guide gave us a short time to explore the island and do some activities: enjoy walking in the bamboo bridge, feed the crocodiles, a few minutes nap on the hammock and even rent a bicycle.

I'm not quite sure where the boat dropped us off but in our brochure it says we were in Unicorn Island. We simply followed our guide as we transfer from one island to another. In this island we got to enjoy the real taste of honey tea with some sweets. The service attendants will be in the corner waiting for you to buy one of their honey products, decline politely if you don't have any plans of purchasing.

The next part of the tour is my favorite where we hopped on to a small 5-seater boat, as it carried us through a small river full of water coconuts. It reminded of my trip in Thailand's Damnoen Floating Market yet this time around is different, it was focused more on nature-what a calm and peaceful ride. No more smoke belching motors boats and vendors selling food and souvenirs. 

The feeding program doesn't stop in the honey tea tasting table. We got to enjoy it again this time around with tropical fruits plus serenaded with Vietnamese traditional music. A unique genre of music which is performed only in this region of Vietnam. The tour ended with a lovely song as the final boat trip made its way back to My Tho. The bus waited at the same spot which then took us back to Saigon City. 

Just when we thought the tour already ended, the bus sidetrip to Vinh Trang pagoda. An architectural designed pagoda inspired with the fusion of Western and Eastern art. 

Dinner at Mon Hue Restaurant. They have different branches all around Ho Chi Minh City so I guess it's safe to say they serve great food. We all have different preference and maybe I just choose the wrong dish. Located behind Ben Thanh Market right across the street. 


  1. Hi! Where did you book this tour? How about the Cu Chi Tunnel tour? Thanks!

    1. Hey Ayay,

      Booking the tour is quite easy, just ask your hotel's receptionist or you can go around the city and you'll find lots of tour agents around. Try to haggle with the price if you're on a tight budget. Don't forget to say "Cam On" that's thank you in Vietnamese.

      Be Safe and Have lots of fun! Cheers.